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Saturday 26 November 2022

My Dear Families 

My Dear Families China Drama
Drama: My Dear Families 
Chinese Title: 我最爱的家人 / Wo Zui Ai De Jia Ren
Broadcast Network: CCTV-8
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: November 17, 2022
Initial Release Date: September 19, 2022
Genre: Family, Life, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 39
Director: Qu Youwei
Screenwriter: Jiang Xuelan
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

After two marriages, the kind heroine Lin Haiyan resolves the conflicts in the family with sincerity and love.

Tong Tiejun (Yang Zheng) and Lin Haiyan (Fu Jing) are neighbors on Sunrise Street, and they have been in love for many years. When Tong Tiejun became involved in an accident, Lin Haiyan had to marry Chen Yaowu (Huang Meng) who also lived on Sunrise Street in order to save him.

Shortly after marriage, Chen Yaowu suddenly dies. Lin Haiyan shoulders the family responsibilities as she takes care of the kind and gentle Tong mother Yao Yuling (Li Guilian), the ostentatious Chen mother Lu Daying (Wang Liyun), and the two children from Chen Yaowu's ex-wife: Chen Fengshou who's a stubborn girl and Chen Shengli, a boy with mental disabilities.

For a time, conflicts arose in this big family. When Lin Haiyan encountered difficulties again, Feng Zhanhua (Tao Hong) extended a helping hand as a friend to help Lin Haiyan tide over the difficulties. Lin Haiyan warmed this family's heart with her selfless love and their lives became better as they learned to understand each other. 

Fun Facts

  • It was shot in Dalian.
  • The blessing ceremony was held in November 2021. 

My Dear Families Fu Jing Fu Jing as Lin Haiyan
My Dear Families Yang Zheng Yang Zheng as Tong Tiejun

Supporting Cast

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