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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Close to Love

Close to Love China Movie
Movie: Close to Love
Chinese Title: 我们的样子像极了爱情 / Wo Men De Yang Zi Xiang Ji Le Ai Qing
Release Date: August 4, 2022
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Wang Zijun
Screenwriter: Liu Tong, Zeng Tao
Production Company: Enlight Pictures
Executive Producer: Li Chuanlong
Chief Producer: Liu Tong
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It's a pity that I can love only you as a friend - have you ever had an almost romance?

Xu Yi (Li Xiaoqian) and Gao Xiaonan (Qi Yuchen) who came from a small town were left with regrets from their childhood. Later on, the two reunite in college allowing them a chance to untie the knots from their past. They grow together as friends to become better than lovers despite not being lovers. By accident, they suddenly cross the emotional boundaries they never dared to touch before. This time around, will they miss out on each other or will they become a couple...

Fun Facts

  • Filming wrapped on March 21, 2022.
  • It was released on Qixi Festival in 2022.
  • The Chinese title translates to, "Us Being Like This Looks Like Love".

Close to Love Li Xiaoqian Li Xiaoqian as Xu Yi
Close to Love Qi Yuchen Qi Yuchen as Gao Xiaonan

  • Zhui Gan Chun Tian De Ren (追赶春天的人) by Zhou Shen (周深)

Close to Love China Movie

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