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Tuesday 2 August 2022

Childhood in a Capsule

Childhood in a Capsule Hong Kong Drama
Drama: Childhood in a Capsule
Chinese Title: 童时爱上你 / Tong Shi Ai Shang Ni
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Website: Maiduidui
Broadcast Date: June 27, 2022
Genre: Comedy, Modern, Romance
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 20
Director: Zan Wu
Screenwriter: Lo Mei Wan, Tong Kin Ping
Production Company: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Chief Producer: Liu Chun Shek
Origin: Hong Kong
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lei Zitong is the successor of a cosmetics empire who gets into an accident that causes her to have the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. To hide her condition, her father arranges for a fake marriage with cosmetic KOL Ding Youying

Ding Youying (Owen Cheung) has a huge following online due to his sharp tongue. Lei Zitong (Samantha Ko) is her father's successor and the CEO of a makeup brand. The two immediately get off on the wrong foot when the prideful Lei Zitong learns that Ding Youying has criticised her product. One day, Zitong gets into an accident that injures her brain, causing her to revert back to the personality of a child.

Zitong's father Lei Zhenyue (Bowie Wu) and his assistant Shang Chali (Ruco Chan) arrange for Youying and Zitong to pretend to be husband and wife in order to keep her brother Lei Dexin (Andrew Yuen) who's been trying to take over the company in check. Chali tries his best to cover up the truth but Lei Dexin catches on. Zitong's sincerity moves those around her and helps Youying regain his purpose. While leading a sweet and happy life as a couple, Zitong's brain injury worsens.

Childhood in a Capsule Samantha Ko Samantha Ko as Lei Zitong
Childhood in a Capsule Owen Cheung Owen Cheung as Ding Youying
Childhood in a Capsule Bowie Wu Fung Bowie Wu Fung as Lei Yuqiao
Childhood in a Capsule Ruco Chan Ruco Chan as Shang Chali
Childhood in a Capsule Andrew Yuen Man-kit Andrew Yuen Man-kit as Lei Dexin
Childhood in a Capsule Griselda Yeung Griselda Yeung as Lei Biqian

Supporting Cast
Childhood in a Capsule Hong Kong Drama
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