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Monday 4 April 2022

Delicacies Destiny

Delicacies Destiny China Web Drama
Web Drama: Delicacies Destiny
Chinese Title: 珍馐记 / Zhen Xiu Ji
Broadcast Website: Bilibili
Broadcast Date: April 7, 2022
Air Time: Thu 20:00 (3 eps) for VIP, (2 eps) for non-VIP except May 2 (Monday) (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Comedy, Food, Historical, Palace, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 16
Director: Guo Hao
Screenwriter: Qi Yueli, Pan Xin
Production Company: Huanyu Film, Bilibili
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A young cook who aspires to be the number one royal chef comes to the palace and wins over the admiration of the prince due to her superb cooking skills.

Thanks to Crown Prince Zhu Shoukui (Wang Xingyue), young cook Ling Xiaoxiao (He Ruixian) has been granted entry to make delicacies for royalty. She is determined to become "the number one royal chef in the world". Overcoming the obstacles put before her by Jin Wang, Concubine Li and the Queen, Ling Xiaoxiao manages to resolve every crisis time and time again. Her kindness and superb cooking skills not only win over the approval of the people at the palace but also the love of the prince. However, her new status as the future crown princess forbids her from working in the kitchen and it puts her in a very difficult position.

Fun Facts

  • Jackie Li takes a special starring role while Bu Guanjin makes a guest appearance.

Delicacies Destiny He Ruixian He Ruixian as Ling Xiaoxiao
Delicacies Destiny Wang Xingyue Wang Xingyue as Tai Zi
Delicacies Destiny Pan Binlong Pan Binlong as Huang Di
Delicacies Destiny Liu Min Liu Min as Empress
Delicacies Destiny Chui Na Li Sha Chui Na Li Sha as Li Guifei
Delicacies Destiny Zang Hongna Zang Hongna as Ming Mei

Supporting Cast
Delicacies Destiny China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
May 2 VIP finale, May 26 non-VIP finale

Delicacies Destiny China Web Drama

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