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Monday 28 March 2022

Do You Love Me As I Love You

Do You Love Me As I Love You Taiwan Movie
Movie: Do You Love Me As I Love You
Chinese Title: 可不可以你也刚好喜欢我 / Ke Bu Ke Yi Ni Ye Gang Hao Xi Huan Wo
Release Date: March 11, 2022
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Jian Shiue Bin
Screenwriter: Gavin Lin, Hermes Lu
Origin: Taiwan

Love Meter

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tang Xiaoxiang believes in tarot fortune-telling. When the "right" time for her to confess her feelings for her childhood friend finally arrived, it was too late! He had already declared his love for the most popular girl in school.

Tian Xiaoxiang (Chen Yu) is a girl who loves prose and tarot fortune-telling, but deep down, she has another love, and it's none other than her childhood friend Li Zhuhao (Youning Tsao)! She turns to the gods to help her narrow down the "right" time and place for her to confess her feelings. Just as she was about to do so, Li Zhuhao had already confessed his feelings for her friend Song Yijing (Patricia Lin Yingwei) who's also somewhat of an internet celebrity.

Song Yijing gives certain conditions Li Zhuhao must meet for her to date him. Lu Zhuhao foolishly agrees and the news spreads throughout the whole school. Out of desperation, he hurriedly turns to Tang Xiaoxiang for help. Even though her first love has amounted to nothing, she is still reluctant to see Li Zhuhao being sad so with mixed feelings, she agrees to help. Can the first love she longed for come to a perfect ending?

Do You Love Me As I Love You Chen Yu Chen Yu as Tian Xiaoxiang
Do You Love Me As I Love You Tsao Yu-ning Tsao Yu-ning as Li Zhuhao
Do You Love Me As I Love You Patricia Lin Patricia Lin as Song Yijing

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