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Monday 21 March 2022

Gu Lou Wai

Gu Lou Wai / Not Easy to Forgive China Drama
Drama: Gu Lou Wai / Not Easy to Forgive
Chinese Title: 鼓楼外 / Gu Lou Wai / 想说原谅不容易 / Xiang Shu Yuan Liang Bu Rong Yi
Broadcast Network: Beijing TV
Broadcast Date: March 17, 2022
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (2 eps) except Sat (1 ep)
Initial Release Date: July 23, 2019
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 39
Director: Yu Zhen
Screenwriter: Wang Zhili
Origin: China

Love Meter

Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the love story of Yu Zhongsheng, the eldest apprentice of old carpenter Yi Dachuan, and his granddaughter Yi Xiaochuan.

Yu Zhongsheng (Yu Zhen) secretly fell in love with his teacher Yi Dachuan's (Du Yuan) granddaughter Yi Xiaochuan (Bian Xiaoxiao). Driven by jealousy, second apprentice Yin Dongyi (Hai Yitian) sabotages Yu Zhongsheng's neighbor's house beam which results in the death of a child. Yu Zhongsheng takes the blame and goes to jail.

Due to circumstances, Yi Xiaochuan is forced to marry Yin Dongyi even though she is in love with Yu Zhongsheng. Yu Zhongsheng hears about the news in prison and vows revenge. He makes good on his words after his release, taking ever opportunity to knock his opponent down. Seeing Xiaochuan and their relatives in pain because of the fight between the two of them, Yu Zhongsheng and Yin Dongyi gradually come to understand the truth.

Ending Spoilers

Gu Lou Wai Yu Zhen Yu Zhen as Yu Zhongsheng
Gu Lou Wai Bian Xiaoxiao Bian Xiaoxiao as Yi Xiaochuan
Gu Lou Wai Real Hai Yitian Real Hai Yitian as Yin Dongyi
Gu Lou Wai Xin Yue Xin Yue as Chen Ying
Gu Lou Wai Huan Li Huan Li as Ma Sanxin
Gu Lou Wai Li Sibo Li Sibo as Xu Beizhan
Gu Lou Wai Du Yuan Du Yuan as Yi Dachuan

Supporting Cast

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