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Thursday 13 January 2022

Manchurian Tiger

Manchurian Tiger China Movie
Movie: Manchurian Tiger
Chinese Title: 东北虎 / Dong Bei Hu
Release Date: January 14, 2022
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Geng Jun
Screenwriter: Geng Jun, Liu Bing
Production Company: Black Fin Production
Chief Producer: Zhang Xianmin
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A dark comedy native to Dongbei follows a Siberian tiger, a dog, a forklift driver, a middle school teacher, a poet, a debt collector and a pregnant woman. Beneath the absurdities of an owner trying to avenge his dog and his pregnant wife is a story about reality.

Because Mei Ling (Ma Li) is about to give birth, her husband Xu Dong (Zhang Yu) has no choice but to entrust a friend to find a home for his beloved dog. Ma Qianli (Zhang Zhiyong) is debt-ridden and desperate. By chance, he becomes the recipient of Xu Dong's pet. The unfortunate death of this dog has led to the meeting of two frustrated people standing at life's fork roads.

Xu Dong who is full of anger is defeated many times on his road for revenge. He sees an unknown side to Ma Qianli along the way. At the same time, Mei Ling accidentally discovers his secret. The inextinguishable fire of hatred has been lit and the fire extinguisher has not been used. The Siberian tiger basks in the sun in a daze. He seems to have become accustomed to a life where zookeepers throw him food everyday.

Fun Facts

  • A poster to indicate that filming has wrapped was released on January 29, 2019.
  • The boot ceremony was held in December 2018.
  • It was shot in Hegang, Heilongjiang.
  • The story was in development since 2012 and the script took six years to complete.
  • Zhang Yu plays a character that's very different from his previous roles. He said the hardest part of filming was the cold.
  • Zhang Yu fell many times while riding a motorcycle in the snow which is why for a period of time since they wrapped, he was a bit scared to ride motorcycles.

Manchurian Tiger Zhang Yu Zhang Yu as Xu Dong
Manchurian Tiger Ma Li Ma Li as Mei Ling
Manchurian Tiger Zhang Zhiyong Zhang Zhiyong as Ma Qianli

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Gang
  • Guo Yue
  • Zhang Xun
  • Yuan Liguo
  • Xue Baohe

Manchurian Tiger China Movie

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