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Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Righteous Fists

The Righteous Fists Hong Kong Drama
Drama: The Righteous Fists
Chinese Title: 唐人街 / Tang Ren Jie
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: January 10, 2022
Air Time: Mon-Fri 21:30
Genre: Action, Mystery, Period
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Screenwriter: Yip Tin-shing, Ng Lap Kwong
Production Company: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Chief Producer: Jazz Boon
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in Chinatown of 1960s Bangkok, the story follows the struggles of Chinese locals who are skilled in martial arts.

In the 1930s, Bu Qingyun's family came to Bangkok's Chinatown. Crimes were rampant but his father Bu Tianxia (Ruco Chan) fought back alongside Lian Zhenshan and Lu Xiangdong and died heroically. Qingyun's younger siblings suddenly go missing and his mother Ding Xifeng (Yuen Qiu) goes mad. Twenty-five years later, Qing Yun (Ruco Chan) sets foot in Chinatown once more where he encounters Qianqian (Natalie Tong), a woman who cheats others for a living.

Zhenshan's son Lian Ji (Joel Chan) has become a corrupt policeman, colluding with the two biggest gangs led by Peng Jian (Cheung Kwok Keung) and Jin Long (Jimmy Aui). Peng Jian's only son returns with his fiancée Cheng Anna (Grace Wong) and his assassination ignites conflict between the two gangs. Qingyun establishes the Overseas Chinese Association to do good and punish evil. However, their association will face many setbacks and almost face collapse. There is still a long way before everyone can find peace.

Fun Facts

  • It was delayed for three years before finally premiering in 2022.
  • The story is set in Thailand but production drew flak for not knowing the country well enough in its depiction.
  • Natalie Tong was criticized for her outrageous wide-eyed expressions while acting.
  • TVB drew flak for how they seemed to somehow leave out former artist Grace Wong during promotions.

The Righteous Fists Ruco Chan Ruco Chan as Bu Tianxia (Bu Qingyun's Father) , Bu Qingyun
The Righteous Fists Natalie Tong Natalie Tong as Qian Qianqian
The Righteous Fists Joel Chan Shan-chung Joel Chan Shan-chung as Lian Ji (Tony), Lian Zhenshan (Lian Ji's Father)
The Righteous Fists Elaine Yiu Tse-ling Elaine Yiu Tse-ling as Jin Fumei
The Righteous Fists Philip Ng Wan-lung Philip Ng Wan-lung as Ye Laiji
The Righteous Fists Grace Wong Kwan-Hing Grace Wong Kwan-Hing as Cheng Anna
The Righteous Fists Tiffany Lau Wing Shuen Tiffany Lau Wing Shuen as Fang Xiaorou
The Righteous Fists Yuen Qiu Yuen Qiu as Ding Xifeng
The Righteous Fists Jimmy Au Jimmy Au as Jin Long
The Righteous Fists KK Cheung KK Cheung as Peng Jian
The Righteous Fists Carlo Ng Carlo Ng as Qian Ruihong
The Righteous Fists Pierre Ngo Ka-nin Pierre Ngo Ka-nin as Jin Yaolong
The Righteous Fists Vincent Wai Lam Vincent Wai Lam as Zheng Shama
The Righteous Fists Hoffman Cheng Hoffman Cheng as Bi Yi
The Righteous Fists Suet Nay Suet Nay as Ye Laichun

The Righteous Fists Hong Kong Drama
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The Righteous Fists Hong Kong Drama
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