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Monday 10 January 2022

Hi Venus

Hi Venus China Web Drama
Web Drama: Hi Venus
Chinese Title: 我可能遇到了救星 / Wo Ke Neng Yu Dao Le Jiu Xing
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: December 16, 2022
Air Time: Eps daily on first 7 days with (3 eps) on premiere for VIP, (1 ep) for VIP, subsequently Tue-Wed (2 eps), Thu (1 ep) for VIP, Tue-Fri (1 ep) for non-VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Medical, Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Wang Zheng
Screenwriter: Wang Xiongcheng
Production Company: Huace Film & TV, Fine
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A healing romance follows the new "fox" medical director and his "sheep" assistant. Are they each other's "nemesis" or each other's "savior"?

Ye Shilan (Liang Jie), a pediatrician at Taoyuan Village Clinic, starts off on the wrong foot with the new director Lu Zhaoxi (Joseph Zeng) due to a misunderstanding. By chance, she becomes his assistant. In solving many problems around running the place and patient treatment, the two fall in love. As they grow together, they come to have a deeper understanding for the mission of doctors to save lives and heal the wounded.

Fun Facts

  • Time Flies and You Are Here stars Joseph Zeng and Liang Jie reunite for their second drama together.
  • Filming wrapped on January 7, 2022.
  • It is from the creators of Find Yourself, Go Ahead and The Day of Becoming You.

Hi Venus Liang Jie Liang Jie as Ye Shilan
Hi Venus Joseph Zeng Shunxi Joseph Zeng Shunxi as Lu Zhaoxi
Hi Venus Zhou Zihan Zhou Zihan as Lin Kaiwen

Supporting Cast
Hi Venus China Web Drama
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Hi Venus China Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Hi Venus China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
Jan 5 VIP finale, Jan 24 non-VIP finale

Hi Venus China Web Drama

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