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Tuesday 14 December 2021

The Fox Spirit Daji

The Fox Spirit Daji China Movie
Movie: The Fox Spirit Daji
Chinese Title: 妖狐苏妲己 / Yao Hu Su Da Ji
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Anthony Zhang Bowei
Screenwriter: Jerry Jian Yuanxin
Production Company: Yuanxin Yingshi, Linghe Film
Executive Producer: Jerry Jian Yuanxin, Guo Dayu
Producer: Gao Youhe
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the tragic love story between Su Daji and two men - her childhood sweetheart Bo Yikao and King Zhou of Shang.

In the last years of the Shang Dynasty, King Zhou (Huang Yonggang) was a weak and sadistic ruler. The ancient Nuwa goddess sends three demons - the nine-tailed fox, the jade pipa and the nine-headed pheasant on a special mission to seduce King Zhou and hasten the destruction of Shang. When King Wu of Zhou takes up arms to launch an attack on Shang, they are to help him unite the lands under Zhou.

Bo Yikao (Jiang Zile) and Su Daji (Nan Shen) were childhood sweethearts meant to marry each other. The licentious King Zhou tears the couple apart after forcibly ordering Daji to become his woman. He orders soldiers to seize the city, and it is Daji's sacrifice to abandon the man she loves and willingly enter the palace that saves everyone from doom. On the way to Chaoge, Daji loses her soul to the nine-tailed fox who occupies her body.

The Fox Spirit Daji Nan Sheng Nan Sheng as Su Daji
The Fox Spirit Daji Jiang Zile Jiang Zile as Ba Yikao
The Fox Spirit Daji Huang Yonggang Huang Yonggang as Zhou Wang
The Fox Spirit Daji Jian Yuanxin Jian Yuanxin as Ji Chang
The Fox Spirit Daji Du Feng Xin Yi Du Feng Xin Yi as Qing Qing
The Fox Spirit Daji Hong Zongyi Hong Zongyi as Fei Zhong
The Fox Spirit Daji Shen Tian Shen Tian as Jiang Hou
The Fox Spirit Daji Zhang Zhiwei Zhang Zhiwei as Bi Gan
The Fox Spirit Daji Xue Xiaolong Xue Xiaolong as Jiang Ziya

Supporting Cast
  • Shao Chuanyu as Yu Qing
  • Zhang Jingtong as Nu Wa
  • Yan Yilong as You Hun
  • Zhang Bowei as Su Hu
  • Chang Yuanjia as Ji Fa
  • Gao Youhe as San Yisheng
  • Xiang Feifei as Xiao Xianer
  • Zhu Changshan as Shang Rong
  • Xiao Wange as Du Taishi
  • Wang Jianjun as Mei Ba
  • Li Kuankuan as Zui Jiu Nei Shi

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