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Sunday 7 November 2021


#MeToo Hong Kong Web Drama
Web Drama: #MeToo
Chinese Title: 假设性无罪 / Jia She Xing Wu Zui / 无罪推定 / Wu Zui Tui Ding
Broadcast Website: ViuTV
Broadcast Date: October 3, 2019
Genre: Crime, Modern, Suspense
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 15
Screenwriter: Yung Yan-yam
Producer: Patrick Leung
Origin: Hong Kong
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that revolves around sexual harassment in the workplace follows Lin Zihui who accuses her boss He Yingjie, a married man with a complicated life, of sexual harassment.

Fresh graduate Lin Zihui (Venus Wong) was personally hired as a designer by the boss of their advertising firm. She becomes the talk of the town because everyone assumes that she got in for her looks. Lin Zihui is repeatedly hit on my male colleagues and clients. Luckily, her superior He Yingjie (Edmund Leung) steps in to help and they quickly become close.

He Yingjie is facing a crisis not just due to his marital woes but also due to work. He also has to deal with his boss Deng Yiwen's (Angie Cheong) constant flirtations. Meanwhile, the competition between company executives has become cut throat. While working on an project, Lin Zihui becomes a victim of sexual assault. She identifies He Yingjie as the man who harassed her yet he vehemently denies her accusation.

Fun Facts

  • It was released in Mainland China through streaming site Youku on October 18, 2021.

#MeToo Edmond Leung Hon-man Edmond Leung Hon-man as He Yingjie
#MeToo Venus Wong Man-yik Venus Wong Man-yik as Lin Zihui

Supporting Cast
  • Angie Cheong as Deng Yimin
  • Monie Tung as Cen Meishan
  • Hailey Chan as Zhang Ruoling
  • Colin Chan as Guan Lewen
  • Pinky Lo as Lian Meixin
  • Johnny Hui as Luo Jianqi
  • Karen Lee as Yuan Lina
  • Michelle Lee as Wu Lili
  • Billy Lau Nam Kwong as Zheng Xianzheng
  • Yoshi Yu as Zhou Qiaosi
  • Samson Yeung Ying Wai as Lin Zhongxiang

#MeToo Hong Kong Web Drama
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