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Tuesday 12 October 2021

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days China Drama
Drama: The Good Old Days
Chinese Title: 再见艳阳天 / Zai Jian Yan Yang Tian
Broadcast Network: Anhui TV
Broadcast Website: Youku, PPTV
Broadcast Date: March 22, 2011
Initial Release Date: September 28, 2010
Genre: Republican, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 32
Director: Lai Shui-Ching, Vicky Wai-Kit Wong
Screenwriter: Yang Haiwei
Origin: China
Source: A Chinese remake of the 1996 Hong Kong TV series The Good Old Days
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Against the backdrop of the rise and fall of a family during the troubled times of 1920s and 1930s China is a story about two very different heroines. Xie Xiuqiao and Zhang Wenfeng experience various ups and downs. They may be rivals in love yet they have fostered a pure and lasting friendship.

Village girl Xie Xiuqiao (Sun Li) becomes part of the wealthy Fang family by chance having won the favor of the master's wife Jiao Yuqing (Leanne Liu). She is then betrothed to the family's eldest son, Fang Hesheng (Bao Jianfeng). However, he is already in love with another woman. When Fang Hesheng takes part in the Northern Expedition, the hardworking Xiuqiao magnanimously accepted his lover Zhang Wenfeng (Liu Sitong).

Xiuqiao is devastated upon hearing the news that her husband has died on the battlefield. Unable to forget him, Xiuqiao rejects his younger brother He Wen (Huo Zhenyan) who has shown affection towards her. As it turns out, He Sheng is alive. He couldn't go home after suffering from amnesia due to his injuries. During that time, a nurse named Ding Min (Zhang Dinghan) took care of him. The chaotic situation leaves their young hearts entangled. Refusing to bow down to fate, they bravely walk through the rain ad fog to see the sun again.

The Good Old Days Sun Li Sun Li as Xie Xiuqiao
The Good Old Days Jeff Bao Jianfeng Jeff Bao Jianfeng as Fang Hesheng
The Good Old Days Jackie Lui Jackie Lui as Wei Zhenbang
The Good Old Days Leanne Lau Leanne Lau as Yu Qing
The Good Old Days Kou Zhenhai Kou Zhenhai as Fang Shifan
The Good Old Days Lily Tien Lily Tien as Yan Xia
The Good Old Days Yue Yueli Yue Yueli as Shi Heng
The Good Old Days Liu Sitong Liu Sitong as Zhang Wenfeng
The Good Old Days Huo Zhengyan Huo Zhengyan as Fang Hewen
The Good Old Days Zhang Dinghan Zhang Dinghan as Ding Min
The Good Old Days Berg Ng Ting-yip Berg Ng Ting-yip as Luo Ping
The Good Old Days Luo Bin Luo Bin as Da Lei
The Good Old Days Lexi Wei Lai Lexi Wei Lai as Shi Peipei
The Good Old Days Wang Gang Wang Gang as Fang Shizong

The Good Old Days China Drama
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