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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Fighting for Love

Fighting for Love / Soldier A Mai China Web Drama
Web Drama: Fighting for Love / Soldier A Mai
Chinese Title: 阿麦从军 / A Mai Cong Jun
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Historical, Inspirational, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 34
Production Company: iQIYI, Top High Pictures
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xian Cheng

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of the founding female general of Nanxia who took off her red robe in exchange for battle gear and became the goddess of war.

A Mai (Zhang Tianai), the daughter of a Nanxia official, is out for blood after her family was killed by her childhood sweetheart Chen Qi. Having grown into a young woman, she disguises herself as a man and wanders the lands to seek revenge. During a chance encounter, A Mai rescues Shang Yizhi (Zhang Haowei), the son of the Crown Princess, and helps him out of many predicaments. Their fates have been intertwined ever since.

When war broke out, A Mai joined the military. She moved up from a foot soldier to a commander due to her marvellous achievements. At the same time, Shang Yizhi has been struggling to survive as he is being hunted down. A Mai assists him in turning the tide. Meanwhile, she also has repeated encounters with the enemy general Chang Yuqing (Wang Ruichang) in the battlefield. Through unexpected events, their paths cross again and they experience life and death together. In the face of the cruelties of the times, A Mai must make a decision for the sake of her country.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • The booting ceremony was held on August 29, 2021.
  • It was announced on December 20, 2021 that filming has wrapped.
  • In the original novel, the heroine is the daughter of parents who time travelled to ancient times.

Fighting for Love Crystal Zhang Tianai Crystal Zhang Tianai as A Mai
Fighting for Love Zhang Haowei Zhang Haowei as Shang Yizhi

Supporting Cast
Fighting for Love / Soldier A Mai China Web Drama
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Fighting for Love / Soldier A Mai China Web Drama
Behind The Scenes
Fighting for Love / Soldier A Mai China Web Drama
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