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Friday 6 August 2021

Our New Life

Our New Life China Movie
Movie: Our New Life
Chinese Title: 我们的新生活 / Wo Men De Xin Sheng Huo
Broadcast Website: Youku, iQIYI, Tencent
Release Date: July 23, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Family
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yao Tingting, Shen Ao, Zhang Luan, Bao Beier, Lu Zhengyu
Production Company: Fun High
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is an anthology movie that consists of five separate stories about the struggles of ordinary people belonging to the new generation in pursuit of a better life. Through their laughter and tears, it showcases the country's development and progress, the changes in livelihood and the people's sense of happiness.

Fun Facts

  • Filming finished in May 2021.

Our New Life Cai Ming Cai Ming as Niu Dajie
Our New Life Li Wenhan Li Wenhan as Huang Xiao
Our New Life Yang Chaoyue Yang Chaoyue as Chen Jingyu
Our New Life Wang Xun Wang Xun as Yang Cidian
Our New Life Wang Qiang Wang Qiang as Ma Jiarui
Our New Life Lyric Lan Yingying Lyric Lan Yingying as Xiao Jin
Our New Life Yang Zishan Yang Zishan as Xiao Li
Our New Life Zhang Kaili Zhang Kaili as Zhang Nushi
Our New Life Xu Juncong Xu Juncong as Gao Leng
Our New Life Bao Wenjing Bao Wenjing as Shen Jing

Supporting Cast
Our New Life China Movie
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Our New Life China Movie
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