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Monday 16 August 2021


Leap China Movie
Movie: Leap
Chinese Title: 夺冠 / Duo Guan
Release Date: September 25, 2020
Genre: Drama, Sports
Language: Mandarin
Director: Peter Chan Ho - San
Screenwriter: Zhang Ji
Chief Producer: Zhang Yibai, Xu Yuezhen
Producer: Gong Li
Origin: China
Source: A biographical film about China's women's volleyball team

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

From China's first world championship in women's volleyball in 1981 to the crucial match between China and Brazil during the Rio Olympics in 2016, Leap tells the legendary story of several generations of women's volleyball players amidst 40 years of reform.

During the volleyball match between China and the United States at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Lang Ping (Gong Li) in her wire-rimmed glasses sat on the coaching bench of the US team with a calm and piercing look; Chinese volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe (Huang Bo) stood attentively on the sidelines and smiled. In 2013, Lang Ping becomes the coach for China women's national volleyball team and leads them to a new chapter in history.

Fun Facts

  • It was part of the Spring Festival movie lineup for January 25, 2020 that was cancelled due to the worsening coronavirus epidemic in China.
  • A year before filming started, the crew looked for actors to train in volleyball but the results were not ideal. Hence, they looked for volleyball players instead.
  • Gong Li felt that she couldn't live up to the role so she rejected director Peter Chan's invitation three times. At the end, she had the mindset of "even though I know I will lose, I will give it my all and never give up" when she finally accepted the role.
  • The Chinese title translates to, "Taking first place."
  • Lydia Bai who plays the young Lang Ping in the movie is actually Lang Ping's daughter.

Leap Gong Li Gong Li as Lang Ping
Leap Huang Bo Huang Bo as Chen Zhonghe
Leap Wu Gang Wu Gang as Yuan Weimin
Leap Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang as Chen Zhonghe (Young)
Leap Bai Lang Bai Lang as Lang Ping (Young)
Leap Chen Zhan Chen Zhan as Sun Jinfang

Supporting Cast
  • Luo Hui as Zhou Xiaolan
  • Hui Ruoqi as Hui Ruoqi
  • Ding Xia as Ding Xia
  • Luo Hui as Zhou Xiaolan
  • Ma Xuechun as Zhang Rongfang
  • Zhu Ting as Zhu Ting
  • Xu Yunli as Xu Yunli
  • Zhang Changning as Zhang Changning
  • Yuan Xinyue as Yuan Xinyue
  • Lin Li as Lin Li
  • Liu Xiaotong as Liu Xiaotong
  • Gong Xiangyu as Gong Xiangyu
  • Yao Di as Wei Qiuyue
  • Li Dongxu as Chen Zhaodi
  • Li Ziwei as Chen Yaqiong
  • Mao Wen as Cao Huiying
  • Liu Chang as Yang Xi
  • Liu Chenxi as Zhang Jieyun
  • Li Yangyi as Zhu Ling
  • Ling Min as Zhou Lumin
  • Liu Zhenhong as Liang Yan
  • Yan Ni as Yan Ni
  • An Jiajie
  • Marianne Steinbrecher
  • Jaqueline Carvalho

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