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Friday 30 July 2021

Nanxiang School

Nanxiang School China Web Drama
Web Drama: Nanxiang School
Chinese Title: 男翔技校 / Nan Xiang Ji Xiao
Broadcast Website: Douyin
Broadcast Date: March 20, 2021
Genre: Comedy, School, Short Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Han Keyi
Screenwriter: Yi Ben Work Studio
Production Company: Douyin, CW Group
Producer: Wang Lei
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in a vocational school, it's the reverse idol drama about four guys and a little cutie focused on learning different technical skills. Who says only aristocratic schools can have charming male protagonists, who says ordinary schools can't have handsome guys, who says campus dramas can only happen in high school and university.

By learning how to become an excavator, Zhao Yuzhi (Wang Juechen) hopes to change his family and outsiders views of him. He lives under the same roof with Ji Yong (Liang Jiyuan) who is studying cosmetology and hairdressing, Jia Kaixin (Pan Youcheng) who is an aspiring chef and Wang Guangming (Wang Weilong) who is studying car repair. Zheng Pingfan (Tian Jingfan) is not your ordinary girl. Despite having different backgrounds and values, they gain a solid friendship through school.

Fun Facts

  • Guan Xiaotong, Lou Yixiao, Xu Yiyang, Luna Qin, Xu Dongdong and Mu Dan make special appearances.
  • It is a minidrama with each episode only 2 minutes long.

Nanxiang School Pan Youcheng Pan Youcheng as Jia Kaixin
Nanxiang School Wang Juechen Wang Juechen as Zhao Yuzhi
Nanxiang School Liang Jiyuan Liang Jiyuan as Ji Yong
Nanxiang School Wang Weilong Wang Weilong as Wang Guangming
Nanxiang School Tian Jingfan Tian Jingfan as Zhen Pingfan

Supporting Cast
Nanxiang School China Web Drama
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Nanxiang School China Web Drama
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