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Saturday 19 June 2021

The Breakup Guru

The Breakup Guru China Movie
Movie: The Breakup Guru
Chinese Title: 分手大师 / Fen Shou Da Shi
Release Date: June 27, 2014
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yu Baimei, Deng Chao
Screenwriter: Yu Baimei
Production Company: Enlight Media, Orange Image
Executive Producer: Wang Changtian, Deng Chao, Qian Rui
Producer: Li Xiaoping
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a play of the same name

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Breakup guru Mei Yuangui was in the midst of running his "break-up" business when he met tough girl Ye Xiaochun, thus opening the stage to "the silliest but most touching romantic comedy in history."

Among the sea of people, countless men and women cry, fight and even consider suicide due to problems about love! Being single is not a problem, but being in love is troublesome and breaking up is an even bigger problem. As such, the breakup agency was born. Mei Yuangui (Deng Chao) is a professional "break-up guru" who has been in 76 relationships and has gone through 77 breakups.

 Mei Yuangui understands people's weaknesses when it comes to love and is committed to solving problems between lovers by handling their breakups, separation and even divorce. His methods are painless. Once cured, there will be no chance of a relapse. Through his service, he has helped more than 2,000 couples to the extent that his words have become like a life-changing gospel to his customers. On the day he decided to close down his business, he received a special task. His client is trying to get rid of a woman called Ye Xiaochun (Yang Mi)...

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted three months from October 12, 2013 to January 24, 2014.
  • It was shot in Beijing and Mauritius.

The Breakup Guru Deng Chao Deng Chao as Mei Yuangi
The Breakup Guru Yang Mi Yang Mi as Ye Xiaochun
The Breakup Guru Gulinazha Gulinazha as Xiao Zhuang
The Breakup Guru Liang Chao Liang Chao as Tang Dashi
The Breakup Guru Ada Liu Yan Ada Liu Yan as Liu Yan
The Breakup Guru Betty Sun Li Betty Sun Li as Sun Li

Supporting Cast

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