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Thursday 11 February 2021

Hi, Mom

Hi, Mom China Movie
Movie: Hi, Mom
Chinese Title: 你好,李焕英 / Ni Hao Li Huan Ying
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Jia Ling
Screenwriter: Jia Ling, Sun Jibin, Wang Yu, Liu Honglu, Bu Yu, G
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a comedy skit of the same name by Jia Ling as well as her personal experiences

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Actress Jia Xiaoling experiences the grief of wanting to serve her parents but having lost the chance. However, she is able to travel through time and space to learn the story of her parents when they were young.

One day in the year 2001, Jia Xiaoling (Jia Ling) who has just been admitted to university experiences the most unimaginable heartbreak when her mother dies from a tragic accident. In a state of emotional breakdown, Jia Xiaoling unexpectedly returns to the year 1981 and meets her mother Li Huanying (Zhang Xiaofei). As the two become inseparable, Jia Xiaoling also meets a group of good friends. Xiaoling assumes that she can apply ideas that are ahead of the times to broaden the world of those around her and help her mother "succeed." However, Jia Xiaoling is surprised by the outcome... 

Fun Facts

  • It is one of the movies for Chinese New Year 2021.
  • It is based on a 2016 comedy skit made for season one of Comedy General Mobilization on Zhejiang TV which also starred Jia Ling, Chen He and Zhang Xiaofei.
  • Filming lasted over three months from September 25, 2019 to January 7, 2020.
  • Jia Ling's fellow actor-comedian and Ace vs. Ace co-star Shen Tang makes a special appearance.
  • The character Li Huanying in the movie is based on Jia Ling's late mother. 

Hi, Mom Jia Ling Jia Ling as Jia Xiaoling
Hi, Mom Zhang Xiaofei Zhang Xiaofei as Li Huanying
Hi, Mom Shen Teng Shen Teng
Hi, Mom Michael Chen He Michael Chen He
Hi, Mom Wei Xiang Wei Xiang

Hi, Mom China Movie
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Hi, Mom China Movie
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