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Tuesday 26 January 2021

Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu 

Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu China Web Drama
Web Drama: Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu 
Chinese Title: 大侠卢小鱼之夕阳红战队 / Da Xia Lu Xiao Yu Zhi Xi Yang Hong Zhan Dui
Broadcast Website: Bilibili
Broadcast Date: January 21, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Wuxia
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Lu Zhengyu
Screenwriter: Lu Zhengyu
Producer: Lu Fanxi, Guo Xiaodan
Origin: China
Costume Design: Li Min
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lu Xiaoyu, a young man who has always wanted to become a hero, embarks on a journey to avenge the deaths of his parents. Along the way, he meets a number of strange and interesting companions who accompany him in fighting evil forces.

Lu Xiaoyu (Lu Zhengyu) is a well-known coward in Xuanju Village. He has longed to become a chivalrous hero ever since he was a child but his parents were strongly against it. Alas, his parents die in the hands of the Demon King during a tragic encounter. The official investigating the matter did not dare challenge the demon sect so Lu Xiaoyu was framed as the murderer instead.

Under the tutelage of Bai Mei (Zhou Weixing) of the Kongdong Sect, Lu Xiaoyu practices martial arts and goes on a journey to chase after the murderer in order to clear his own name. He encounters an unorthodox group of 'fiends and outsiders' who end up helping him in his quest to defeat the Demon King. Just when Lu Xiaoyu believed that he was marching towards the path to becoming a hero, the situation suddenly turns on its head to reveal truth after truth. As it turns out, the real martial arts world is completely different from what Lu Xiaoyu has imagined.

Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu Elvira Cai Wenjing Elvira Cai Wenjing as Hua Mei
Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu Lu Zhengyu Lu Zhengyu as Lu Xiaoyu

Supporting Cast
  • Yang Qingxuan as Li Jiangang
  • Yue Yueli as Feng Qingbai
  • Fan Wei as Yu Shui Qing San Ren Zu Lao San
  • Wang Zirun as Wu Xie Gu Lao
  • Zhou Weixing as Bai Mei
  • Ye Feng as Qian Bingwei
  • Sen An Tu Sheng as De Gula
  • Shan Linlin as Diao Bao
  • Gong Shoulin as Lu Lin
  • Bao Lei as Lu Mu
  • Wu Jian as Yu Shui Qing San Ren Zu Lao Da
  • Hu Xiaoyuan as Yu Shui Qing San Ren Zu Lao Er
  • Benson Wang Guan as Liu Daxia
  • Deng Zifei as Ke Moduo
  • Qie Yi as Qiang Ge
  • Diao Biao as A Guo
  • Cheng Fan as Da Longnu
  • Wang Han as Xiao Feng

Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu China Web Drama
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Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu China Web Drama
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