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Sunday 10 January 2021


Nezha Taiwan Movie
Movie: Nezha
Chinese Title: 叱吒风云 / Chi Zha Feng Yun
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Genre: Action, Sports
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Yixian
Chief Producer: Jay Chou
Producer: Will Liu, Rio Peng
Origin: Taiwan

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Fun Facts

  • It is a tribute of sorts to the 2005 racecar film Initial D starring Jay Chou.
  • The original concept for the film did not include a character for Hannah Quinlivan. However, after several searches and strong recommendation from the staff, Jay Chou let his wife Hannah Quinlivan try the role.
  • Karry Wang Junkai makes a special appearance.
  • A press conference was held to commemorate the start of filming on October 21, 2018.
  • Filming wrapped on January 27, 2019.

Nezha Hannah Quinlivan Hannah Quinlivan as Lu Lili
Nezha Tsao Yu-ning Tsao Yu-ning as Du Jieke
Nezha Van Fan Van Fan as Li Yifei
Nezha Alan Ko Alan Ko as Shi A'shen

Supporting Cast
Nezha Taiwan Movie
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Nezha Taiwan Movie
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