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Monday 7 December 2020

The Beauty Skin

The Beauty Skin China Movie
Movie: The Beauty Skin
Chinese Title: 美人皮 / Mei Ren Pi
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Release Date: July 17, 2020
Genre: Historical, Romance, Suspense, Xuanhuan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Kun Chi Mak
Screenwriter: Li Zhongshan
Production Company: Oriental Feiyun
Producer: Bai Yuefei, Bai Gang, Bai Xufei
Origin: China
Related: Enormous Legendary Fish, Mermaid Bound
Source: Adapted from the classic text Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (聊斋志异) by Pu Songling

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The love between Liancheng and Qiaosheng is given life in death. In the strange and unpredictable world of Liao Zhai, Qiaosheng encounters the disturbances created by the cat demon while Liancheng falls for a scheme to take her face away.

Many men have started to die one after the other in the city of Jinning with their torsos shrunken into miserable corpses. Rumor has sit that a banshee has gone on a killing spree. On his way back to the city, Qiaosheng (Han Dong) rescues a young woman named Binniang (Wang Yitong).

Binniang loves Qiaosheng. However, he turns her down because he already has Liancheng (Zhang Yuxi), a woman that he loves dearly and plans to spend the rest of his life with. At this time, Wang Huacheng (Li Ruotian) who is captivated by her beauty asks his father to propose marriage to her which Shi Xiaolian accepts on her behalf. Liancheng would rather die than marry a man she does not love and she begins to fall gravely ill. As the demon cat goes in hiding wearing human skin, who is the monster and who is the one with the beautiful skin?

Fun Facts

  • It is part of the Liaozhai series of stories (聊斋系列) that have been adapted into web movies on Tencent.
  • It is one of three Liaozhai fantasy romance films starring Zhang Yuxi that include Enormous Legendary Fish, Mermaid Bound and The Beauty Skin.

The Beauty Skin Han Dong Han Dong as Qiao Sheng (Qiao Junyu)
The Beauty Skin Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi as Lian Cheng
The Beauty Skin Carrie Wang Yitong
Carrie Wang Yitong as Mao Yao Bin Niang
The Beauty Skin Li Ruotian Li Ruotian as Wang Huacheng
The Beauty Skin Xiao Xiangfei Xiao Xiangfei as Gu Shijie
The Beauty Skin Tao Huimin Tao Huimin as Shi Fu Ren (Lian Cheng's Mother)
The Beauty Skin Wen Haibo Wen Haibo as Shi Xiaolian
The Beauty Skin Li Hua Li Hua as Shi Guanjia
The Beauty Skin Lou Shuyu Lou Shuyu as Qing Ren

Supporting Cast
  • Lu Chunsheng as Wang Laoye
  • Man Ningxi as Lao Maoyao
  • Alyce as Xiao Maoyao
  • Wu Yunpeng as Nan Maoyao
  • Liu Xulei as Gu Meimei
  • Dong Yang as Shan Zeijia
  • Li Peng as Shan Zeiyi
  • Li Chao as Wan Kujia
  • Ma Kuan as Wan Kuyi
  • Bai Wei as Wan Kubing
  • Chen Guoyao as Shi Kejia
  • Li Shujing as Shi Keyi
  • Li Zeyu as Shi Kebing
  • Feng Liping as Shuo Shu Xian Sheng
  • Alex Liu Yong as Zhang Gui
  • Chen Wei as Huo Jijia
  • Liu Zongshun as Hua Tan Lao Ban
  • Chen Chunyan as Bin Niang Mu Qin
  • Zhang Shaoying as Jia Yong
  • Yang Yonghui as Nai Niang
  • Zhang Mei as Mei Po
  • Zhang Zhencai as Lang Zhong
  • Zhao Xingdian as Jia Dingjia
  • Li Jie as Jia Dingyi
  • Zhang Shijia as Bu Kuaijia
  • Liu Chuanguang as Bu Kuaiyi
  • Li Xuesong as Lu Renjia
  • Liao Yancheng as Lu Renyi
  • Xue as Dian Xiaoer
  • Zhu Qiulei as Qing Lunan
  • Ding Yuxuan as Qing Lunu
  • Zhu Ziyan as Gu Zhengnu
  • Zeng Lingyu as Pi Panu
  • Zhang Mucheng as Gu Niangjia
  • Wang Yurou as Gu Niangyi

The Beauty Skin China Movie

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