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Tuesday 10 November 2020

My People, My Homeland

My People, My Homeland / My People, My Hometown China Movie
Movie: My People, My Homeland / My People, My Hometown
Chinese Title: 我和我的家乡 / Wo He Wo De Jia Xiang
Release Date: October 1, 2020
Genre: Anthology, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Chen Sicheng, Yan Fei, Peng Damo, Deng Chao, Yu Baimei
Executive Producer: Song Ge
Chief Producer: Zhang Yimou
Origin: China
Related: My People, My Country, My Country, My Parents
Cheif Director: Ning Hao
Chief Planner: Zhang Yibai

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the stories from the hometowns in five major regions of China that is full of warmth and hope as it depicts the outcome of efforts to alleviate poverty.

A Beijing Good Person 北京好人
Zhang Beijing (Ge You) never took off his Olympics commemmorative cap. If he was looking forward to being in Zhang Yimou's shot during the opening ceremonies the previous year, now he is coolly saying that he declined to be in Zhang Yimou's film.

A Mystery of UFO 天上掉下个UFO
On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a mysterious UFO is discovered in Qiannan turning the entire town of Afu into an overnight sensation. Reporters Lao Tang (Wang Baoqiang) and Xiao Qin (Liu Haoran) as well as scientist Dong Kexue (Dong Zijian) join the UFO investigation team. Village chief Wang Shouzheng (Wang Yanhui) and businessman Wang Chuqi (Wang Xun) give a warm welcome to the three new arrivals. However, each of them seem to have their own agenda. What's more, Huang Dabao (Huang Bo) who is the key figure in the bizarre incident is an inventor with a dull appearance and a wild heart.

The Last Class 最后一课
Following a long distance call, the whole village of Wangxi falls into a busy state to restore an old photo of a class in 1992. With everyone working together to simulate even the pouring of the rain, the people of Wangxi village are determined to help Lao Fan (Fan Wei) resolve his problem.

The Way Back to Hometown 回乡之路
What was once a dry land in the deserts of Shaanxi is now bustling with life. Distributor Qiao Shulin (Deng Chao) has been looking for investors to help his hometown but is met with contempt from Yan Feiyan (Yan Ni) who dabbles in e-commerce. Since they have to attend the school celebration at their alma mater, the two are forced to return embark on a journey together.

The Magical Touches 神笔马亮
Ma Liang (Shen Teng) was born in a mountain village in the northeast. He often sighs that "the villages have become old and all the young people have gone." Ma Liang gives up the chance to study at a prominent art school and returns in order to do something for his hometown. However, he has to conspire with the villagers to make sure that Qiu Xia (Ma Li) doesn't find out.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began May 2020.
  • It is the sister production to the seven-part anthology drama film My People, My Country.
  • It is child actor Han Haolin's third time working with Xu Zheng after My People, My Country and Lost in Russia.  
  • The Detective Chinatown duo Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran reunite to play the character Lao Tang and Qiao Xin.

My People, My Homeland Ge You Ge You as Zhang Beijing
My People, My Homeland Huang Bo Huang Bo as Huang Dabao
My People, My Homeland Fan Wei Fan Wei as Lao Fan
My People, My Homeland Deng Chao Deng Chao as Qiao Shulin
My People, My Homeland Shen Teng Shen Teng as Ma Liang
My People, My Homeland Zhang Zhanyi Zhang Zhanyi as Biao Jiu
My People, My Homeland Wang Baoqiang Wang Baoqiang as Lao Tang
My People, My Homeland Xu Zheng Xu Zheng as Xiao Fan
My People, My Homeland Yan Ni Yan Ni as Yan Feiyan

Supporting Cast
My People, My Homeland / My People, My Hometown China Movie
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