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Saturday 14 November 2020

Love The Way You Are

Love The Way You Are China, Taiwan Movie
Movie: Love The Way You Are
Chinese Title: 我的青春都是你 / Wo De Qing Chun Du Shi Ni
Release Date: June 21, 2019
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhou Tong, Dai Mengying
Production Company: Asian Union
Producer: Angie Chai, Fung Kai
Origin: China, Taiwan
Source: Adapted from the novel Bei Da Cha Sheng (北大差生) by Po Po

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows childhood sweethearts into adulthood. The energetic Zhou Linlin is inspired by their town's school genius Fang Yuke to be a better student.

Zhou Linlin (Vivian Sung) is an academic underachiever. She's thick-skinned, constantly in trouble, outgoing and full of energy. Influenced by Fang Yuke (Song Weilong), the kid next door who can do everything, she performs exceptionally well at the entrance examination and gets admitted into the same school as him. In the elite school of Dongda, a 'bad' student's long and arduous pursuit of education begins.

Zhou Linlin never knew that she was Fang Yuke's source of warmth amidst the hardships he faced in school. On the contrary, she's been coming up with tricks to interfere with Fang Yuke's studies to the extent of matching him up with the school beauty Ru Ting (Lin Yen-Jou). Their relationship grows complicated because of Zhou Linlin's meddling especially as the three are admitted to the same course. Zhou Linlin mistakenly assumes that Fang Yuke likes Ru Ting while she herself is infatuated with her senior Xiao Xi (Huang Junjie) who is a legendary figure on campus.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Taipei and Taichung.
  • Filming lasted three months from November 2016 to January 2017.
  • It is Song Weilong's first onscreen kisss. He felt awkward while filming which made his heart beat even faster.
  • Because Song Weiong hass no experience in dancing, he didn't follow the script when filming a scene with Vivian Sung. The two just improvised as the camera rolled.

Love The Way You Are Vivian Sung Vivian Sung as Zhou Linlin
Love The Way You Are Song Weilong Song Weilong as Fang Yuke
Love The Way You Are Lin Yen-Jou Lin Yen-Jou as Ru Ting
Love The Way You Are Shih Chieh King Shih Chieh King as Teacher Xu Muxi
Love The Way You Are Huang Junjie Huang Junjie as Xiao Xi

Supporting Cast
Love The Way You Are China, Taiwan Movie
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Love The Way You Are China, Taiwan Movie
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