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Sunday 25 October 2020

The Ideal City 

The Ideal City China Drama
Drama: The Ideal City 
Chinese Title: 理想之城 / Li Xiang Zhi Cheng
Broadcast Network: CCTV-8, Dragon TV
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: August 12, 2021
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (2 eps) except Sat (1 ep), released simultaneously online for VIP with 6 eps released on premiere, next-day 24:00 for non-VIP (1 ep) (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Modern, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Liu Jin
Screenwriter: Ruo Hua Ran Ran
Production Company: iQIYI, Transmit Entertainment, Houhai Culture, Huaxia Brothers, Orange Image
Executive Producer: Emily Dai Ying, Zhang Tingting
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel Su Xiao's War (苏筱的战争) by Ruo Hua Ran Ran
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

As a female architect of the new era, Su Xiao has always upheld professional values but she is fired from her job and loses her license due to an incident. The story follows the journey of cost engineer Su Xiao as she reflects on the present situation of China's construction industry.

With Su Xiao (Sun Li) due for a promotion and her love life going well, she never expected to suffer from successive blows when she is betrayed by the man she loves and also loses her job. Tough as nails, she is determined to stay in the city even if she must start over from the bottom but the cold, harsh reality hits her like a ton of bricks. Given that she was fired from her old job, Su Xiao's countless job applications are repeatedly rejected.

Guilty over what happened, her ex-boyfriend secretly uses his connections to land her a job as a cost supervisor at Tiancheng Construction. Meanwhile, Su Xiao is simply happy to find employment and pours her blood, sweat and tears into her work. Su Xiao catches the attention and admiration of chief economist Xia Ming (Mark Chao) when she wins a high-profile bid within the company while other competitors start to work against her. Amidst multiple setbacks, Su Xiao continues to grow and evolve as she becomes an outstanding corporate executive.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Shanghai.
  • Filming began on August 19, 2020.
  • Filming wrapped more than four months later on December 28, 2020.
  • Sun Li and Mark Chao who have birthdays on September 26 and September 25 cut a cake together on set to celebrate their birthdays.

The Ideal City Betty Sun Li Betty Sun Li as Su Xiao
The Ideal City Mark Chao Mark Chao as Xia Ming
The Ideal City Yu Hewei Yu Hewei as Zhao Xiankun
The Ideal City Chen Minghao Chen Minghao as Wang Yang
The Ideal City Chloe Gao Ye Chloe Gao Ye as Wu Hongmei
The Ideal City Li Chuanying Li Chuanying as Huang Lilin
The Ideal City Zhang Shu Zhang Shu as Ma Liya
The Ideal City Li Hongtao Li Hongtao as Wang Mingyu
The Ideal City Zhao Jun Zhao Jun as Xu Zhiping
The Ideal City Qian Yi Qian Yi as Chen Simin
The Ideal City Yang Chaoyue Yang Chaoyue as Du Juan
The Ideal City Liu Yichang Liu Yichang as He Congrong

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Di as Su Mu
  • Shi Jingming as Su Fu
  • Yin Zhusheng as Liu Tiesheng
  • Ren Zhong as Li Dawei
  • Di Xiaoxing as Cui Ge
  • He Zhengjun as He Shengli
  • Hu Qiang as Pan Jianhua
  • Yue Yang as Yu Chao
  • Zhang Tianyang as Xu Feng
  • Dai Xu as Zhang Xiaobei
  • Zhang Yao as Li Xue
  • Jiang Yan as He Yao
  • Tian Hao as Lin Xiaomin
  • Fu Shou'er as Mei Dajie
  • Liu Boxiao as Zhao Peng
  • Li Bin as Gao Jin
  • Lin Peng as Du Yongbo
  • Will Zhang Tao as Zhou Jun
  • Ding Wenbo as Lu Zhengming
  • Cheng Ziming as Dong Lin
  • Feng Xintian as Yu Can
  • An Dong as Tang Mishu
  • Zhu Hui as Dong Hong
  • Bu Yuxin as Xiao Hei
  • Wang Xufeng as Tong Zong
  • Jin Hui as Zheng Zong
  • Qu Yang as He Zong
  • Gong Xiaorong as Na Na
  • Joy Sheng Langxi as Tian Na
  • Bian Tao as Lao Dong
  • Liang Linlin as Liu Jie
  • He Qiyu as Xiao Wen
  • Clarence Duan Ran as Lu Jingli
  • Huo Yujia as Fan Dajie
  • Cheng Wei as Jia Jingli
  • Sun Min as Shen Zong
  • Zhang Xiqian as Wu Fu
  • Li Rongdong as Wu Mu
  • Wang Yanbo as Wu Di
  • Sun Hao as tony
  • Ma Yan as Lao Tian
  • Zhou Rui as Zhu Yue
  • Han Feiren as Lin Yuan
  • Zhang Lei as Dong Chen
  • Mark Han Qiuchi as Ban Gong Shi Zhu Ren
  • Xue Huashu as Hu Gong
  • Lu Ning as Xiao Pangzi
  • Jia Wei as Middle Aged Man
  • Dou Xiqing as Shen Ji Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Wang Wei as Shen Ji Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Zhou Haiming as Shen Ji Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Qi Weigang as Shen Ji Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Chen Yang as Fen Baoshang
  • Wang Jun as Bao Gongtou
  • Yang Fan as Gong Tou
  • Zhang Shenglin as Wu Jingli
  • He Xiaoqian as Shen Zong Mi Shu
  • Liu Bin as Jun Guan
  • Qin Yue as Zhou Mu
  • Zhao Xiangbin as Han Chang
  • Du Changan as Xiang Mu Fu Ze Ren
  • Jiang Rong as Fang Dong A Yi
  • Ma Xiaosai as Xiao Bei Lin Ju
  • Wu Renyuan as Liu Dong
  • Gao Guigen as Tian Zheng Zhu Ren Jing Ji Shi
  • Zhou Jie as Tian Tong Zhu Ren Jing Ji Shi
  • Chen Yue as Tian He Zhu Ren Jing Ji Shi
  • Shi Lu as Ping Biao Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Shi Feng as Ping Biao Xiao Zu Cheng Yuan
  • Yang Zhiying as Su Xiao Da Gu
  • Cheng Longmin as Su Xiao Xiao Gu
  • Wang Yuxiao as Da Gu Hai Zi
  • Zhu Weimin as Xiao Shu
  • Li Xiaolin as Da Gufu
  • Li Tao as Xiao Li
  • Liang Hao as Xiao Zhang
  • Zhou Hualiang as Xiao Zhang
  • Wang Zi Ao Bo as Xiao Wang
  • Hu Wei as Lao Ren
  • Zhong Xinhua as Zhuang Han (Middle Age)
  • Luo Lei as Lu Ren
  • Zhao Ze as Cui Genban
  • Feng Hui as Cui Genban
  • Zhou Hualin as Cui Genban
  • Liu Yu as Bao Mu
  • Sun Wei as HR Yuan Gong
  • Cao Xiaoqian as HR Yuan Gong
  • Bai Yangzi as HR Yuan Gong
  • Yan Liufen as HR Yuan Gong
  • Yang Xiaofeng as Ying Yeyuan
  • Hu Yixiao as Ying Yeyuan
  • Yang Jie as Dao Gouyuan
  • Tan Zhengkai as Mo Shushi
  • Cui Zhibao as Xiang Sheng Yan Yuan
  • Liu Huijiang as Xiang Sheng Yan Yuan
  • Liu He as Xia Shu
  • Liu Hao as Xia Shu
  • Wang Junren as Zhao Xian Kun Si Ji
  • Lu Jikang as Doctor
  • Zhao Hang as Si Yi
  • Han Weilin as Lao Li
  • Feng Jianjun as Xiang Mu Jing Li
  • Zhang Ping as Fei Xingyuan
  • Tang Tianhong as Fei Xingyuan
  • Liu Wenzhong as Fei Xingyuan
  • Zhou Chuncheng as Fen Baoshang
  • Zhang Ling as Tian Tong Cai Wu Jing Li
  • Wu Lin as Bao An Jing Li
  • Zhang Fengan as Shou Fang Jing Ji Ren
  • Yin Guanghua as Gu Dong
  • Lu Huanlian as Gu Dong
  • Wang Shufen as Lin Ju
  • Zhang Li as Lin Ju
  • Li Junli as Lin Ju Nu Er
  • Li Xinpeng as Shou Louyuan
  • Liu Haipeng as Min Gong
  • Xu Cuicui as Cai Wu
  • Di Zhongxing as Cai Wu
  • Zhang Jie as Cai Wu
  • Li Yong as Xiang Mu Jing Li
  • Xu Haijian as Gong Chang
  • Zhou Yutao as Gong Chang
  • Dou Quanzhong as Jian Li
  • Liu Jian as Doctor
  • Yi Qinghai as Doctor
  • Zhang Xiaowang as Hu Shi
  • Liu Lei as Dian Yuan
  • Li Zhong as Ma Youjia
  • Xu Jie as Ma Youyi
  • Chen Ye as Ma Youbing
  • Chen Qian as Cu Xiaoyuan
  • Guo Jiahui as Xi Jiao Mei Jia
  • Cheng Jing as Xi Jiao Mei Yi
  • Xu Qiuli as Fan Dian Lao Ban
  • Zhu Zixuan as Fu Wuyuan
  • Li Wenjie as Zhu Huiji
  • Yang Rulan as Xiao Suxiao
  • Zhang Fenghui as Shang Renjia
  • Li Baohua as Shang Renyi
  • Wang Mingchang as Shang Renbing
  • Huo Gang as Shang Rending
  • Lu Delong as Shang Renwu
  • Lai Meiting as Zhu Chiren
  • Zhao Cheng as Li Fu
  • Zhao Hongyu as Li Mu
  • Zhao Xinhuan as Zhou Mu
  • Yang Wen as Ban Lang
  • Lu Yucen as Ban Niang
  • Chen Shuliang as Guan Yuan
  • Ma Qiang as Si Yi
  • Meng Xiangguo as Ke Renjia
  • Shi Haijun as Lu Renjia
  • Zuo Weikang as Bu Men Gong Cheng Shi Jia
  • Yao Zhongqiu as Bu Men Gong Cheng Shi Yi
  • Zhao Zhongyong as Bu Men Gong Cheng Shi Bing
  • Justin Cheung as Jian Li
  • Cheng Chun as Tian Ke Xiang Mu Jing Li
  • Zou Xiaoxiang as Zhong Jian Xiang Mu Jing Li
  • Chen Meixu as Ji Zhe
  • Yuan Zhe as Pai Youjia
  • Chi Aiping as Pai Youyi
  • Zhu Ying as Pai Youbing
  • Tong Wei as Hua Shi
  • Ma Yongzhi as Liu Sui Cong Yi
  • Xu Jinghuai as Liu Xia Shu Jia
  • Chen Guanghua as Liu Xia Shu Yi
  • Li Guangyuan as Tian Ke Yuan Gong
  • Cai Lihua as Tian Ke Yuan Gong
  • Zhao Long as Tian Ke Yuan Gong
  • Guo Haitao as Zhong Jian Yuan Gong
  • Hong Yanmin as Zhong Jian Yuan Gong
  • He Jun as Zhong Jian Yuan Gong
  • Hui Hao as Zhong Jian Yuan Gong
  • Zhang Xiaodong as Zhong Jian Yuan Gong
  • He Xiaohu as Cai Liao Gong Ying Shang
  • Ju Jingye as Ji Dian An Zhuang
  • Wang Jiyin as Shi Gongdui
  • Dong Guojun as Fen Baoshang
  • Li Bing as Zhong Jian Gao Guan
  • Huang Honggang as Zhong Jian Gao Guan
  • Xia Yibin as Fen Bao Shang Jia
  • Song Binwei as Fen Bao Shang Yi
  • Li Zhikun as Fen Bao Shang Bing
  • Gao Yunli as Bing Ren Jia Shu
  • Jing Chengxiang as Doctor
  • Yang Yao as Hu Shijia
  • Tang Tiantian as Hu Shiyi

The Ideal City China Drama
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The Ideal City China Drama
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The Ideal City China Drama
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The Ideal City China Drama

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