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Saturday 10 October 2020

Her Smile So Sweet

Her Smile So Sweet China Web Drama
Web Drama: Her Smile So Sweet
Chinese Title: 她的微笑像颗糖 / Ta De Wei Xiao Xiang Ke Tang
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: October 22, 2020
Air Time: Daily 12:00 (2 eps), (4 eps) for VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xu Jingshu and Chu Youning who come from very different backgrounds become seat mates by mistake. This is a story that reflects the journey of students as they help each other and strive towards their dreams. 

Xu Jingshu's (Chen Siyu) father died due to a work accident when she was still very young. Her mother remarried leaving her under the care of her grandmother. Although life was hard, Xu Jingshu remains strong and independent. Chu Youning's (Chen Xiangyu) father is the head of Chu Group. Because Chu Youning doesn't really study, he was dropped from an elite high school and had to transfer into an ordinary school. Chu Youning's father only hopes that his son can graduate smoothly and pursue further studies abroad. After Xu Jingshu and Chu Youning end up becoming seat mates in the same class, the two people who are as different as can be start to develop feelings for each other.

When Xu Jingshu's stepdad encounters financial difficulties, Chu Youning asks his father for help by promising to live abroad in accordance with his father's wishes in exchange. After graduating from university, Xu Jingshu becomes a writer. Eight years later, the two are reunited at the steps of the school.

Her Smile So Sweet Chen Xiangyu Chen Xiangyu as Chu Youning
Her Smile So Sweet Chen Siyu Chen Siyu as Xu Jingshu

Supporting Cast
Her Smile So Sweet China Web Drama
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Her Smile So Sweet China Web Drama
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Her Smile So Sweet China Web Drama

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