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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Beauty World

Beauty World / Beauties of the Tang Palace China Drama
Drama: Beauty World / Beauties of the Tang Palace
Chinese Title: 唐宫美人天下 / Tang Gong Mei Ren Tian Xia
Broadcast Network: Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV, Yunnan TV
Broadcast Date: November 25, 2011
Initial Release Date: October 21, 2011
Genre: Historical, Palace, Romance, Xuanhuan
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 45
Director: Li Huizhu, Mai Guanzhi
Screenwriter: Yu Zheng
Production Company: Beijing Zijun Yingye, Yu Zheng Studio
Production Date: November 16, 2010.
Executive Producer: Zhang Suzhou, Zhou Li, Wang Maoliang, Zhao Keqing, Mo Ren, Cao Zhe, Yu Zheng
Chief Producer: Lin Guohua
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is set in the inner palace of the Tang Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Gaozong. Helan Xin'er learns that the empress has been banished. In order to repay the empress who was once kind to her, Helan Xin'er gets caught in the political struggles of the court under the control of Wu Meiniang.

The dignified Wang Nijun (Zhou Muyin) hails from a reputable family. At the age of 15, she married Li Zhi (Zheng Guolin) and became the princess. Seven years later, Li Zhi ascends to the throne with Wang Nijun as his empress. Alas, Wang Nijun has a lifelong regret of being unable to bear children. Not long after entering the palace, Wu Meiniang (Zhang Ting) who gives birth to a little princess conspires to dethrone the empress.

Helan Xin'er (Li Xiaolu) has fallen in love with Pei Shaoqing (He Shengming), the general guard of Danfangmen. On her wedding day, she finds out that the empress has been imprisoned for her alleged involvement in the murder of the little princess. The empress once helped Helan Xin'er and in order to repay her kindness, Xin'er enters the palace to begin her investigation.  Ming Chongyan (Ming Dao) was once the empress's childhood sweetheart so he joins hands with Helan Xin'er in search for the truth.

Fun Facts

  • It is Ming Dao's first historical drama.
  • It is Zhang Ting's comeback drama after giving birth to her daughter. 
  • It is Cheng Yi's acting debut.

Beauty World Jacqueline Li Xiaolu Jacqueline Li Xiaolu as Helan Xin'er
Beauty World Zhang Ting Zhang Ting as Wu Zetian
Beauty World Ming Dao Ming Dao as Ming Chongyan / Ming Yi
Beauty World Mickey He Shengming Mickey He Shengming as Pei Shaoqing
Beauty World Yang Mi Yang Mi as Qing Luan
Beauty World Calvin Zheng Guolin Calvin Zheng Guolin as Li Zhi
Beauty World Zhou Muyin Zhou Muyin as Wang Nijun
Beauty World Kelsey Lv Jia Rong Kelsey Lv Jia Rong as Yu Qilin
Beauty World Tong Liya Tong Liya as Wu Qingcheng / Yuan Chunmiao
Beauty World Guo Zhenni Guo Zhenni as Zhang Sun Wu Gou
Beauty World Claudia Wang Likun Claudia Wang Likun as Bai He
Beauty World Gao Yang Gao Yang as Cai Die Jun Zhu
Beauty World Lemon Zhang Meng Lemon Zhang Meng as Xuan Yu

Supporting Cast
Beauty World / Beauties of the Tang Palace China Drama

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