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Sunday 2 August 2020

Psychic Princess Season 1

Psychic Princess Season 1 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Psychic Princess Season 1
Chinese Title: 通灵妃 / Tong Ling Fei
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: December 28, 2019
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 52
Director: Jeremy Chen
Origin: China
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Source: Adapted from the manhua Tong Ling Fei by Rou Rou
Watch Episodes On: Tencent, Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows a young woman with psychic powers. In place of her younger sister, she marries into the night palace and forges an indissoluble bond with Ye Youming.

The prime minister's eldest daughter Qian Yunxi (Huang Riying) has possessed psychic powers since she was a child. Regarded as an ominous person, she was raised on Lingyun Mountain. At the age of 16, Qian Yunxi marries Ye Youming (Kevin Yan) in her sister's stead. Ye Youming is said to have a strange temperament, he is known for being cruel and violent. What fate will this bring Qian Yunxi?

Fun Facts

  • Each episode is 1 minute long.
  • Aside from a manhua of the same name, it has also been animated into a donghua of the same name.

Psychic Princess Season 1 Huang Riying Huang Riying as Qian Yunxi
Psychic Princess Season 1 Kevin Yan Zidong Kevin Yan Zidong as Prince Ye / Ye Youming

Supporting Cast
  • Ji Xiangning as Yu Zimo
  • Zhang Linran as Nan Qingwan
  • Yang Yulan as Madame Qian
  • Tong Yixuan as Qian Yunchang

Psychic Princess Season 1 China Web Drama

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