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Saturday 8 February 2020

Forensic Heroes 2

Forensic Heroes 2 Hong Kong Drama
Drama: Forensic Heroes 2
Chinese Title: 法证先锋2 / Fa Zheng Xian Feng 2
Broadcast Network: TVB Jade
Broadcast Date: May 19, 2008
Genre: Police, Suspense
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 30
Director: Mui Siu - ching
Production Company: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Origin: Hong Kong
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Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Continuing the story of Forensic Heroes, the forensic department cooperates with the police to solve numerous cases.

 Tim Sir (Bobby Au) relies on his extensive knowledge and extraordinary methods to collect crucial evidence to crack cases that are impossible to solve. His suboardinate and good friend Sam (Frankie Lam) is also an outstanding forensic doctor. Sam is planning to marry his girlfriend Lam Ding-Ding (Linda Chung). His friend Ivan (Kevin Cheng) who has returned from England impresses Tim Sir when he detonates a bomb during a crisis.

 At this time, Ma Kwok-Ying (Charmaine Sheh) who is a senior inspector of Hong Kong's anti-drug unit leads a team in pursuit of a dangerous druglord, yet the chase ends in an explosion that brings about dire consequences.

Fun Facts

  • It is the direct sequel to Forensic Heroes. 

Forensic Heroes 2 Bobby Au-yeung Bobby Au-yeung as Ko Yin-Pok / Tim Sir
Forensic Heroes 2 Frankie Lam Frankie Lam as Gu Zaksam / Sam
Forensic Heroes 2 Kevin Cheng Kevin Cheng as Yang Yisheng / Ivan
Forensic Heroes 2 Charmaine Sheh Charmaine Sheh as Ma Kwok-Ying / Bell
Forensic Heroes 2 Yoyo Mung Yoyo Mung as Leung Siu-Yau / Nicole
Forensic Heroes 2 Fred Cheng Fred Cheng as Liang Xiaogang / Fred
Forensic Heroes 2 Linda Chung Linda Chung as Lam Ding-Ding
Forensic Heroes 2 Florence Kwok Florence Kwok as Mok Suk-Nuen / Yvonne
Forensic Heroes 2 Raymond Cho Raymond Cho as Shum Hung
Forensic Heroes 2 Yu Yang Yu Yang as Loeng Hinglung
Forensic Heroes 2 Ku Feng Ku Feng as Ko Tung
Forensic Heroes 2 Rosanne Lui Rosanne Lui as Yang Xiujuan / Connie
Forensic Heroes 2 Law Lok Lam Law Lok Lam as Ma Gamtou
Forensic Heroes 2 Angelina Lo Yuen-yen Angelina Lo Yuen-yen as Gwok Yifan
Forensic Heroes 2 Kara Hui Kara Hui as Zeng Lailing
Forensic Heroes 2 Stefan Wong Stefan Wong as Ma Guohong / Ben

Forensic Heroes 2 Hong Kong Drama
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