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Wednesday 15 May 2019

Home With Kids 2

Home With Kids 2 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Home With Kids 2
Chinese Title: 家有儿女2 / Jia You Er Nu 2
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, PPTV
Broadcast Date: 2006
Genre: Children, Comedy, Family
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 100
Director: Lin Cong
Screenwriter: Zang Li, Zang Xi
Production Company: Beijing Jingrui Culture
Producer: Li Hong, Wang Jia
Distributor: Cosmos Media
Origin: China
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Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The sequel to Home With Kids continues to depict a family in a humorous atmosphere. It revolves around the interesting happenings in a simple household and their relationships with each other.

It focuses on a blended family as a platform for storytelling. Xia Donghai (Gao Yalin), who followed his wife to the States, returns to China with his 7-year old son, Xia Yu (You Haoran), after their divorce. He also reunites with their daughter, Xia Xue (Yang Zi), who grew up in China. He marries Liu Mei (Song Dandan), the head nurse of a large hospital. She is also divorced and has a son named Liu Xing (Zhang Yishan).

As the mother of the household, Liu Mei is the glue that bonds the family together. She is fiery, worries about her children constantly and often gets in trouble due to being misunderstood. She is lovable, respectable and funny. As the father of the household, Xia Donghai is open-minded, enthusiastic and uses Western methods to educate his children. Their daughter is sensitive, whimsical and not beyond doing something crazy. Their youngest is strong-minded and the favorite of the family. Home With Kids 2 add the stories of two families and increases its focus on social elements. It explores the problems children face in learning, making friends, growing up and other issues of general concern.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Beijing in 2005.

Home With Kids 2 Song Dandan Song Dandan as Liu Mei
Home With Kids 2 Gao Yalin Gao Yalin as Xia Donghai
Home With Kids 2 Andy Yang Zi Andy Yang Zi as Xia Xue
Home With Kids 2 Zhang Yishan Zhang Yishan as Liu Xing / Ke Long Liu Xing
Home With Kids 2 You Haoran You Haoran as Xia Yu
Home With Kids 2 Wen Xingyu Wen Xingyu as Ye Ye
Home With Kids 2 Sun Guitian Sun Guitian as Lao Lao
Home With Kids 2 Ma Shuliang Ma Shuliang as Hu Yitong
Home With Kids 2 Zhang Yiwen Zhang Yiwen as Shu Biao Lin Ning )
Home With Kids 2 Sky Sheng Sky Sheng as Jian Pan
Home With Kids 2 Zhang Haiyan Zhang Haiyan as Pang Shen
Home With Kids 2 Qi Hui Qi Hui as Ma Li
Home With Kids 2 Lin Hao Lin Hao as Dai Mingming
Home With Kids 2 Cao Li Cao Li as Dai Tiangao
Home With Kids 2 Li Qinqin Li Qinqin as Shu Biaomu
Home With Kids 2 Ran Qian Ran Qian as Fei Fei Biao Gu

Home With Kids 2 China Web Drama
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Home With Kids 2 China Web Drama
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