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Friday 31 May 2019


CSIC / Crime Scene Investigation Center Taiwan Drama
Drama: CSIC / Crime Scene Investigation Center
Chinese Title: 鉴识英雄 / Jian Shi Ying Xiong
Broadcast Network: CTV
Broadcast Date: April 10, 2015
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 13
Director: Lai Mengjie
Screenwriter: Wu Yuqing, Deng Lifen, Hei Mi, Chen Jiazhen
Production Date: 2013
Origin: Taiwan
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of a group of forensic scientists who are in constant pursuit of the truth in order to solve various cases.

Detective Lin Shizhen (Wang ShihHsien) used to be the kind of person who only saw things in black and white, but his methods gradually changed for the sake of cracking a case. Ten years ago, due to his mistake in judgement, the police went head to head against an organization of gun smugglers. It results in the death of an innocent informant, his partner and a serious leg injury.

Lin Shizhen is transferred to the Forensic Science department as the director. His outer appearance may look tough, his speech brutally frank, but he has a compassionate heart and a keen eye for detail. His wife wants a divorce as she cannot understand his lifestyle but their love for each other has stopped them from making it final. Meanwhile, he meets criminal police Yang Qian (Janet Tsai), a woman who has a sense of justice and humanity.

Ending Spoilers

CSIC Jason Wang Jason Wang as Lin Shiyao
CSIC Kurt Chou Kurt Chou as Lei Yiming
CSIC Janel Tsai Janel Tsai as Yang Qian
CSIC Dou Huamei Dou Huamei as Wang Zhenni
CSIC Teresa Daley Teresa Daley as Xin Pinfang
CSIC Qian Yuan Qian Yuan as Jiang Weixiang
CSIC Soda Voyu Soda Voyu as Wu Ming Da Dao
CSIC Cai Liyun Cai Liyun as Gao Tianrui
CSIC Tao Chuanzheng Tao Chuanzheng as Yang Dongshun

CSIC / Crime Scene Investigation Center Taiwan Drama
CSIC / Crime Scene Investigation Center Taiwan Drama
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