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Wednesday 20 March 2019

The Rules of Love

The Rules of Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: The Rules of Love
Chinese Title: 人鱼恋爱法则 / Ren Yu Lian Ai Fa Ze
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: March 20, 2019 (Season 1), April 4, 2019 (Season 2)
Genre: Idol, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Huang Tien-Jen
Production Company: iQIYI Wenxue, New Studios Media Group, Jiameng Wenhua
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel The Secret School of Hunk (校草的秘密) by Yi Wan Yue
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A humorous and heartwarming love story between a mermaid and the man of her destiny.

Yang Luotian (Li Junyao) is a descendant of the mermaid tribe. Because she longs for a normal life, she hides her real identity to live among humans. One day, she is rescued by Lie Hengyu (Wang Yanbin). After several mishaps, they end up living under one roof.

The Rules of Love Li Junyao Li Junyao as Yang Luotian
The Rules of Love Wang Yanbin Wang Yanbin as Lie Hengyu
The Rules of Love Fan Xiaodong Fan Xiaodong
The Rules of Love He Qiwei He Qiwei

Supporting Cast
  • Zuo Zi Ji (做自己) by A Yang (阿泱)
  • Ta (他) by K . D (K.D)
  • Xia Xie De Ge (瞎写的歌) by Hou Hou (猴猴)
  • Duo Xie Ai (多些爱) by Liang Hang Yu (梁航羽)
  • Say Goodbye (Say Goodbye) by Lu Ju Ren Xian Sen (绿巨人先森)

The Rules of Love China Web Drama
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The Rules of Love China Web Drama

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