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Tuesday 25 December 2018

Wonderful Siheyuan

Wonderful Siheyuan China Web Drama
Web Drama: Wonderful Siheyuan
Chinese Title: 奇葩四合院 / Qi Pa Si He Yuan
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Sohu
Broadcast Date: September 20, 2018
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 12
Director: Liu Yase
Production Company: Longxi Group, Trawind Division
Producer: Xiao Xiao, Xiao Feng
Distributor: Trawind Division
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about five strangers who live in a siheyuan and become family to each other.

The 20-year-old Chang Letian (Yu Zixuan) has been living with her grandparents ever since her parents divorce. When they died during an accident, she was left with an empty home all to herself. Having carved out a career in real estate rentals, Zhu Ziming (He Weiran) saw an opportunity before his eyes. He strikes a deal with Chang Letian to rent her siheyuan at a low price and subleases the place to divorce lawyer Fan Shen (Zhang Hailong), online celebrity Jiang Zailuo (Fang Zhang) and actress Jia Diaochan (Yu Guoer).

Ending Spoilers

Wonderful Siheyuan Fang Zhang Fang Zhang as Jiang Zaige
Wonderful Siheyuan Yu Guo'er Yu Guo'er as Jia Diaochan
Wonderful Siheyuan Yu Zixuan Yu Zixuan as Chang Letian
Wonderful Siheyuan Zhang Hailong Zhang Hailong as Fan Shen
Wonderful Siheyuan Wei Ran Wei Ran as Zhu Ziming
Wonderful Siheyuan Kingdom Yuen Kingdom Yuen as Dan Jie
Wonderful Siheyuan Xiu Rui Xiu Rui

Wonderful Siheyuan China Web Drama

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