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Friday 30 November 2018

Long for You 2

Long for You 2 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Long for You 2
Chinese Title: 我与你的光年距离2 / Wo Yu Ni De Guang Nian Ju Li 2
Broadcast Website: Mango TV, Youku
Broadcast Date: December 16, 2018
Air Time: Sunday, Monday 18:00 (two episodes), members watch 6 eps in advance (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Raymond Chiang
Production Company: Linekong Pictures, Mango TV
Origin: China
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Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story spanning thousands of years begins when an emissary of time arrives in the modern day and reunites with his lover.

Ye Gu (Riley Wang) and Xia Xi (Xu Xiaonuo) were once lovers. Two thousand years later, they meet again in the present. He has become an emissary of time and she is a young woman with no recollection of their past. They enter into a contract as master and servant in search of the memories from another century.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted three months beginning on May 26, 2018 and ending on August 15, 2018.
  • Filming took place in Shenzhen.
  • Riley Wang who played a supporting role in Long For You plays the leading man.

Long for You 2 Riley Wang Yilun Riley Wang Yilun as Ye Gu
Long for You 2 Senior Xu Xiaonuo Senior Xu Xiaonuo as Xia Xi
Long for You 2 Zhang Bojia Zhang Bojia as Yao Xin
Long for You 2 Wanyan Luorong Wanyan Luorong as Xia Yichen
Long for You 2 Zheng Shuhuan Zheng Shuhuan as Xiao You
Long for You 2 Li Le Li Le as Yang Mu
Long for You 2 Zhao Huanran Zhao Huanran as Gu Ning

Supporting Cast
  • Chen Xuming as Xia Chun
  • Sun Huaying as Liang Fang
  • Meng Gen Zuo Le as Li Mengjie
  • Yang Meng as Pang Zi
  • Dai Ming as Lao Tan
  • Zhang Jinming as Wang Zi
  • Wang Zaihe as Zhang Huichang
  • Yue Junqi as Ka Fei Dian Dian Chang
  • Guan Tianhao as Jian Ceyuan
  • Shen Qi as Jian Ceyuan
  • Cui Jiarong as Piao Liang Dian Yuan
  • Shi Yifan as Xin Lang Tong Xue
  • Zeng Lihua as Hua Dian Dian Chang

Long for You 2 China Web Drama
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Long for You 2 China Web Drama
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Long for You 2 China Web Drama

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