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Thursday 8 November 2018

The Last Ranker

The Last Ranker China Drama
Drama: The Last Ranker
Chinese Title: 最后的战士 / Zui Hou De Zhan Shi
Broadcast Network: Guizhou TV, Jilin TV
Broadcast Date: November 21, 2017
Initial Release Date: May 19, 2016
Genre: War
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 44
Director: Tan Qiao
Screenwriter: Wu Guoen
Production Date: 2015
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set during the anti-Japanese occupational war era is a drama that follows the Miao ethnic group as they rise and take up arms against their oppressors during the 1940's.

After completing her studies abroad, Huang Xia (Shi Anni) plans to return to her hometown to marry her childhood friend and lover Ran Zhigao (Yi Kun) who serves as a military officer. She is attacked by bandits along the way and saved by Shi Feng (Lu Fangsheng). Shi Feng who grew up in the mountains comes out of seclusion and into the life of Huang Xia. He and Ran Zhigao become like brothers, yet a truth that has long been buried in the dust is uncovered and it complicates the relationship between the three. To avenge his family, Shi Feng is forced to become a bandit and Ran Zhigao's enemy. The Japanese invasion throws the nation into a state of suffering. Will Shi Feng and Ran Zhigao be able to put aside their differences?

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios.
  • Due to having many action scenes, Dong Qing started practicing martial arts two weeks before filming began.

The Last Ranker Lu Fangsheng Lu Fangsheng as Shi Feng
The Last Ranker Shi Anni Shi Anni as Huang Xia
The Last Ranker Yi Kun Yi Kun as Ran Zhigao
The Last Ranker Amy Sun Yining Amy Sun Yining as A Landuo
The Last Ranker Vanessa Cai Die Vanessa Cai Die as A Lika
The Last Ranker Zeng Yixuan Zeng Yixuan as Ran Xuehua

Supporting Cast
The Last Ranker China Drama
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The Last Ranker China Drama

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