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Monday 1 October 2018

Martial Universe Season 2

Martial Universe Season 2 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Martial Universe Season 2
Chinese Title: 武动乾坤第二季 / Wu Dong Gan Kun Di Er Ji
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: October 11, 2018
Air Time: Thursday (6 episodes) for VIP members, Monday-Friday (1 episode) for non-members
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Wuxia
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 20
Director: Zhang Li
Screenwriter: Li Jingling, Jiang Lai
Production Company: Azure Media Corporation, Youku, Yuekai Entertainment, Beijing Century Partner Culture & Media Co. Ltd., China Literature
Producer: Zhang Wei
Origin: China
Related: Martial Universe
Source: Adapted from the novel Wu Dong Qian Kun by Tian Chan Tu Dou
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story takes place after Lin Dong and Zhou Tong have joined hands to defeat the enemy. Evil lingers as Yi Mo Huang survives and the search for the two remaining talismans continue.

After witnessing Ying Huanhuan (Crystal Zhang) sacrifice her love for him in order to assume her position as the Ice Master, Lin Dong (Yang Yang) realizes that he must take up his duty as the successor of the Zu talisman. He helps his younger sister Qing Tan (Dong Qing) become the Master of Darkness and heads to the Demon Realm to obtain the Life and Death Talisman. A final battle awaits Lin Dong and his former friend Lin Langtian (Wu Chun) who has been overcome by his greed for power.

Fun Facts

  • The script took two years to complete.
  • Filming for the first part began on November 14, 2016. Filming for part 2 took two more months beginning in September 2017 and ending on October 31, 2017.
  • Total filming took 258 days which is longer than average.
  • Filming took place in Xiang Shan.
  • Yang Yang sacrificed his image for the role and wanted to test the limits in his acting.
  • The novels that Battle Through the Heavens, Martial Universe and The Great Lord are based on share the same universe.

Martial Universe Season 2 Yang Yang Yang Yang as Lin Dong
Martial Universe Season 2 Crystal Zhang Tianai Crystal Zhang Tianai as Ying Huanhuan
Martial Universe Season 2 Wu Chun Wu Chun as Lin Langtian
Martial Universe Season 2 Claudia Wang Likun Claudia Wang Likun as Ling Qingzhu
Martial Universe Season 2 Ada Liu Yan Ada Liu Yan as Mu Qianqian
Martial Universe Season 2 Ashton Chen Ashton Chen as Xiao Yan
Martial Universe Season 2 Suo Xiaokun Suo Xiaokun as Lin Diao
Martial Universe Season 2 Dong Qing Dong Qing as Lin Qingtan
Martial Universe Season 2 Yang Haoyu Yang Haoyu as Yan Dashi

Supporting Cast
Martial Universe Season 2 China Web Drama
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Martial Universe Season 2 China Web Drama
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  1. This drama has been liscensed by Dramafer and Viki, so there will be subs.