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Tuesday 18 September 2018

L Storm

L Storm / Z Storm 3 Hong Kong Movie
Movie: L Storm / Z Storm 3
Chinese Title: 反贪风暴3 / Fan Tan Feng Bao 3
Release Date: September 14, 2018
Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Director: David Lam
Production Company: Pegasus Motion Pictures, Huace Pictures (Tianjin), Wanda Film, Er Dong Pictures,
Producer: Bak-Ming Wong
Origin: Hong Kong
Related: Z Storm, S Storm, P Storm, G Storm

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Two cops chase a trail of clues to find the source behind corruption. Their investigations lead them to a web of complications that threaten their lives.

ICAC member Lu Zhilian (Louis Koo) and JFIU member Liu Baoqiang (Julian Cheung) have reached a dead end in separate cases revolving around large-scale crime and money laundering activities. At this time, Cheng Deming (Kevin Cheng) from Team L receives a tip that Lu Zhilian has taken bribes amounting to 12 million. Unable to defend himself, Lu Zhilian is removed from service. Liu Baoqiang discovers that Lu Zhilian has been wrongfully framed so he launches his own investigation to clear Lu's name.

Fun Facts

  • It topped the Chinese box office with an opening weekend score of $29.4 million.
  • It is the sequel to S Storm.

L Storm Louis Koo Louis Koo as Lu Zhilian
L Storm Julian Cheung Julian Cheung as Liu Baoqiang
L Storm Kevin Cheng Kevin Cheng as Cheng Deming
L Storm Stephy Tang Stephy Tang as Wu Songhua
L Storm Adam Pak Tin-nam Adam Pak Tin-nam as You Zixin
L Storm Patrick Tam Patrick Tam as Wang Haihe
L Storm Michael Tse Michael Tse as Di Weijie
L Storm Louis Cheung Louis Cheung as Cheng
L Storm Liu Kai Chi Liu Kai Chi as Xu Youcai
L Storm Babyjohn Choi Babyjohn Choi as Chen Junhui

Supporting Cast
L Storm / Z Storm 3 Hong Kong Movie
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L Storm / Z Storm 3 Hong Kong Movie
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