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Monday 17 September 2018

Fat Buddies

Fat Buddies China Movie
Movie: Fat Buddies
Chinese Title: 胖子行动队 / Pang Zi Xing Dong Dui
Release Date: September 30, 2018
Genre: Action, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Bao Beier
Production Company: Magilm Pictures, Haining Hema Yingye
Production Date: 2018
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about two fat men who through a series of circumstances get pulled into forming a partnership with a mission to lead a major drug bust.

Agent J (Wen Zhang) used to be the best in field. He got shot in the head during an A-level mission and while in recovery, J gradually gains weight to become a 300-pound man. He has also become increasingly lethargic and immobile. Still thinking of himself as the ace, J is sent to Japan to retrieve an important document. J sneaks a peek at the document and decides to take on the new mission himself. Unexpectedly, he falls unconscious and wakes up in the hospital where he meets a bodyguard named Hao Yingjun (Bao Bei'er). To prove that he is not useless, Hao Yingjun decides to join in on the mission too.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Beijing, Alxa League and Japan.
  • Filming was completed on December 19, 2017.
  • It is Bao Bei'er's directorial debut. He met out a joke towards big time actor directors like Xu Zheng and Huang Lei and said that if either of them schedule their movies on National Day, they are opposing his film so they have to treat him to a meal to make up for it.
  • Wen Zhang and Bao Bei'er put on fat suits to appear as men over 300 pounds.
  • As the script kept changing, many plans had to be changed. Bao Bei'er had no choice but to go to Shanghai to ask Wen Zhang for help. He was happy to do so as the two have worked together before. Wen Zhang was the Director in the movie When Larry Met Mary where Bao Bei'er was the lead.
  • Wen Zhang said that he is quite weak on the inside and cannot bear it when the Director yells or throws things on set so he tried to think hard if he ever did anything inappropriate to Bao Bei'er when he was the Director. Bao Bei'er laughs that he is weak too but he made it. The good thing about their new film is that both Bao Bei'er and Wen Zhang can eat to their hearts content.
  • The makeup and prosthetics take 3 hours to do.
  • When Bao Bai'er put on the fat suit for the Shanghai Film Festival, no one could recognize him. His daughter cried when she first saw him.
  • Throughout filming, Clara Lee worked hard to study and practice Mandarin to perfect her lines.

Fat Buddies Bao Bei'er Bao Bei'er
Fat Buddies Wen Zhang Wen Zhang
Fat Buddies Clara Lee Clara Lee
Fat Buddies Xu Juncong Xu Juncong
Fat Buddies Zeng Yijun Zeng Yijun
Fat Buddies Zhang Menglu Zhang Menglu

Supporting Cast
  • Pan Zi Ye You Xing Dong Dui (胖子也有行动队) by Jiang Ying Rong (江映蓉)
  • Ni Xiao Sa Wo Piao Liang (你潇洒我漂亮) by Xie Na & Bao Bei'er (谢娜&包贝尔)
  • Ni Xiao Sa Wo Piao Liang (你潇洒我漂亮) by Sun Yu Sai (孙语赛)

Fat Buddies China Movie
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