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Thursday 6 September 2018

Under the Power

Under the Power China Web Drama
Web Drama: Under the Power
Chinese Title: 锦衣之下 / Jin Yi Zhi Xia
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Mango TV
Broadcast Date: December 28, 2019
Air Time: Starting Jan 17, Friday-Monday 20:00, early broadcast for Spring Festival Jan 24-Jan 27 with 2 eps released 12:00 (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Historical, Romance, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 55
Director: Yin Tao
Production Company: Impact Media, H&R Century Pictures
Producer: Wu Ruoyan
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Lan Se Shi

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the final years of the reign of Jiajing Emperor during the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi of the Jingyiwei is commissioned to investigate the disappearance of funds that have been set aside for river repairs in Yangzhou. He is assisted by Yuan Jinxia of the Liushanmen. The two accidentally become involved in a conspiracy.

The talented female constable Yuan Jinxia (Tan Songyun) gets into a disagreement with the hot-tempered Jinyiwei Lu Yi (Ren Jialun) over a case that they are both involved in. Jinxia thought that she'd never encounter Lu Yi again in this lifetime, yet fate has its way of bringing two people back together. Government funds have been stolen and Jinxia receives orders to assist Lu Yi in his investigation.

They are unable to get along at first, but learn to work together through the hardships. Eventually, they develop feelings for each other to become lovers. However, things go awry when the truth about the past comes to light. Jinxia is the orphan of the Xia Yan case from many years ago and she bears the burdens of the bloodshed that destroyed her family.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios and Suzhou.
  • Filming began on September 27, 2017.
  • The number of episodes was changed from 50 to 56.
  • It hit 100 million views 21 hours after its premiere on Mango TV.
  • Starting Jan 17, one day added to broadcast schedule with 2 eps released from Friday-Monday 20:00 instead of Saturday-Monday, early broadcast for Spring Festival Jan 24-Jan 27 with 2 eps released 12:00

Under the Power Allen Ren Jialun Allen Ren Jialun as Lu Yi
Under the Power Seven Tan Songyun Seven Tan Songyun as Yuan Jinxia
Under the Power Han Dong Han Dong as Yan Shibo
Under the Power Julia Ye Qing Julia Ye Qing as Shangguan Xi
Under the Power Ethan Yao Yichen Ethan Yao Yichen as Xie Xiao
Under the Power Lu Hong Lu Hong as Yang Yue
Under the Power Han Chengyu Han Chengyu as Lan Daoxing
Under the Power Xi Xue Xi Xue as Lin Ling
Under the Power Li Tingzhe Li Tingzhe as Gai Shu

Supporting Cast
Under the Power China Web Drama
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Under the Power China Web Drama
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Under the Power China Web Drama

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