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Friday 31 August 2018

Xiao Mian Ao

Xiao Mian Ao China Web Drama
Web Drama: Xiao Mian Ao
Chinese Title: 小棉袄 / Xiao Mian Ao
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: July 30, 2018
Genre: Life, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Lin Gelong
Production Company: Yu Heng Film Group
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that revolves around a single dad who relies on supportive friends and his love for his daughter to help him overcome that challenges that life throws his way.

Hua Chong (Peng Guanying) is an unemployed man with a 5-year-old daughter Huo Duoer (Shang Yilin). She is the only person in this world that can make him listen because she is her dad's little angel. Whenever she's not at kindergarten, she is always stuck to her dad like glue. Will she ever learn to become independent? Will he finally get his life together for her sake?

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Tianjin, China.

Xiao Mian Ao Peng Guanying Peng Guanying as Hua Chong
Xiao Mian Ao Liu Yun Liu Yun as Mu Rongxue
Xiao Mian Ao Zheng Yitong Zheng Yitong as Lao Qian
Xiao Mian Ao Chen Siyu Chen Siyu as Mi Mi
Xiao Mian Ao Hou Junjie Hou Junjie as Xiang Long

Supporting Cast
  • Wo De Xiao Mian Ao (我的小棉袄) by Tang An Mei & Auguste Kwan (唐安美&关德辉)
  • Silvia by Cui Shu (崔恕)
  • Xiao Mian Ao (小棉袄) by Yvonne Yung Hung (翁虹)
  • Lu Xing Bi Ji (旅行笔记) by Lu Shi Lang (鲁士郎)
  • Zhi Yao Ni Huan Hao (只要你还好) by Lu Shi Lang (鲁士郎)
  • Yi Han (遗憾) by Lu Shi Lang (鲁士郎)
  • Bu Ku (不哭) by Hong Si (洪川)
  • Xiong Di (兄弟) by Xiao Zhuang & Hong Si (小壮&洪川)
  • Yin Le De Yan Se (音乐的颜色) by Cui Zi Ge (崔子格)
  • Xiao Mian Ao Pian Tou Qu (小棉袄片头曲) by Chun Yin Le (纯音乐)
  • Xi Zhi Qing Hao Ju (鎴戠殑灏忔琚?) by Ti Wei Chong Jing Cha span (鍞愬畨缇?鍏冲痉杈?span>)
  • Silvia by Dang Mie Bing (宕旀仌)
  • Hao Ju (灏忔琚?) by Miao Ci (缈佽櫣)
  • Zi Hang (鏃呰绗旇) by Duan Huo span (椴佸+閮?span>)
  • Huan Kang Lian (鍙浣犺繕濂?) by Duan Huo span (椴佸+閮?span>)
  • (閬楁喚) by Duan Huo span (椴佸+閮?span>)
  • Juan (涓嶅摥) by Wa (娲窛)
  • Wei (鍏勫紵) by Hao & Wa (灏忓.&娲窛)
  • Chong Dan (闊充箰鐨勯鑹?) by Dang You span (宕斿瓙鏍?span>)
  • Hao Ju Chan Cun Guang (灏忔琚勭墖澶存洸) by Wan Cen span (绾煶涔?span>)

Xiao Mian Ao China Web Drama

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