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Friday 8 June 2018

My Fairy Girl

My Fairy Girl China Web Drama
Web Drama: My Fairy Girl
Chinese Title: 我的女友要上天 / Wo De Nu You Yao Shang Tian
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: June 7, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Idol, Romance, School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Li Nan
Screenwriter: Yu Jinren
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around a red wine demon who comes to the human realm in search of a man who can help appease a thousand year of grievances.

A thousand year-old red wine and wine jar take human form as a girl named Jiu JiuJiu (Yu Lang) and a boy named Tan TanTan (Lin XinYang) as they are close to achieving immortality after years of cultivation. The bureau in charge of promoting demons to fairies gives the two a mission to complete. They are to find a human with all the right qualities who will marry Jiu Jiu Jiu within a hundred days. Only through this way can Jiu Jiu Jiu be freed from years of resentment, thus allowing Jiu Jiu and Tan Tan a pass to the immortal realm.

The man in question is none other than Gao Leng (Zhang SiFan), a man who happens to hate alcohol and is extremely sensitive to it. Jiu JiuJiu and Tan TanTan sneak their way into the school but end up causing a ruckus on their first day, thus beginning a story of romance and hilarity.

Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Pegasus Media, Tencent Penguin Pictures, Jiayu Sky and other companies.
  • Filming took place in Zhejiang Province, China.
  • The character names Jiu and Tan sound like the Chinese word for wine and jar.

My Fairy Girl Zhang Sifan Zhang Sifan as Gao Leng
My Fairy Girl Yu Lang Yu Lang as Jiu Jiujiu
My Fairy Girl Lin Xinyang Lin Xinyang as Tan Tantan
My Fairy Girl Wei Xiaoye Wei Xiaoye as Hao Xiuxiu
My Fairy Girl Jiang Shan Jiang Shan as Ma Bufan
My Fairy Girl Wang Ye Wang Ye as Yuan Bao

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Zheyu as Xuan Yuan Ba Tian
  • Feng Bing as Zhang Meng
  • Tong Jing as He Shengnan
  • Ji Chong as Ma Tianni

My Fairy Girl China Web Drama
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My Fairy Girl China Web Drama
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