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Monday 18 June 2018

The Legend of Hao Lan

The Legend of Hao Lan / Beauty Hao Lan China Web Drama
Web Drama: The Legend of Hao Lan / Beauty Hao Lan
Chinese Title: 皓镧传 / Hao Lan Zhuan
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: January 19, 2019
Air Time: Daily 20:00 (two episodes) (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Historical, Politics, Romance, War
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 62
Director: Lee Tat Chiu
Screenwriter: Er Di
Production Company: Hanyu Film
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Viki (eng subs), Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows three people - the daughter of a public official who has fallen from grace, a Qin prince that has been living as a hostage and an ambitious merchant. The three play a crucial role in Ying Zheng's rise to power.

Towards the end of the Warring States Era, the States of Qin and Zhao were engaged in a long-drawn battle. Li Hao Lan (Wu Jinyan) who is the daughter of the Public Censor of Zhao is forced out of her own home after being setup by her stepmother. Having nothing to her name, she is sold as a slave and purchased by Lv Buwei (Nie Yuan).

Lv Buwei gifts Li Hao Lan to Sun Yiren (Mao Zijun), a Qin royal that resides in Zhao as a hostage. Li Hao Lan and Lv Buwei's arrival into the Zhao palace ignites a dangerous battle as they rely on their intelligence to evade the schemes plotted by Gongzhu Ya (Karina Hai Ling).

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Yu Zheng.
  • Filming lasted four months beginning on December 20, 2017 and ending on April 4, 2018.
  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios and Beijing.
  • On Nov. 12, it was announced that the premiere date of Nov. 15 has been delayed until further notice due to scheduling adjustments. The press con on Nov. 13 has also been cancelled.
  • The number of episodes was changed from 45 to 63.
  • It used to air from Saturday-Tuesday 20:00 (two episodes), VIP watch 8 eps in advance. Starting from Feb. 2, episodes will be released daily.

The Legend of Hao Lan Wu Jinyan Wu Jinyan as Li Haolan / Zhao Ji
The Legend of Hao Lan Mao Zijun Mao Zijun as Ying Yiren
The Legend of Hao Lan Nie Yuan Nie Yuan as Lu Buwei
The Legend of Hao Lan Karina Hai Ling Karina Hai Ling as Princess Ya
The Legend of Hao Lan Ning Jing Ning Jing as Li Furen
The Legend of Hao Lan Wang Zhifei Wang Zhifei as Zhao Dan

Supporting Cast
  • Yue Chu (月出) by Lu Hu & Huang Ya Li (陆虎&黄雅莉)
  • Hua Yu (化羽) by Gao Yuer (高雨儿)

The Legend of Hao Lan / Beauty Hao Lan China Web Drama
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The Legend of Hao Lan / Beauty Hao Lan China Web Drama
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