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Saturday 10 March 2018


Girls China Movie
Movie: Girls
Chinese Title: 闺蜜 / Gui Mi
Release Date: July 30, 2014
Language: Mandarin
Director: Barbara Wong Chun-Chun
Screenwriter: Barbara Wong Chun-Chun
Origin: China
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is a story about love and friendship surrounding three women close as sisters who will do anything for each other especially when it comes to finding love.

Xi Wen (Ivy Chen), Kimmy (Fiona Sit) and Xiao Mei (Yang Zishan) are best of friends. Xi Wen is kind, a little ditzy and leads a simple life that revolves around her fiancee Lin Jie (Wallace Chung). Kimmy comes from a wealthy family. She may be spoiled but she is always the first one to step up when it comes to her friends. With men, she is assertive and unafraid to go for what she wants. Xiao Mei is the most ambitious of the three as she dreams of becoming a successful director.

The three ladies have lived together since graduation from university. One day, they catch Lin Jie cheating with another girl. In an effort to save their heartbroken friend, Kimmy and Xiao Mei cook up a plan to help her move on. Xi Wen encounters Qiao Li (Shawn Yue) and becomes attracted to him though there's the added awkwardness of a misunderstanding when she assumes that he might be into men. Kimmy and Xiao Mei run into romantic skirmishes of their own when Kimmy has her eyes set on Jiu Tian (Vanness Wu) who pursues Xiao Mei instead.

Fun Facts

  • It is produced and distributed by Heng Ye Film.
  • Filming took place in Taiwan.
  • Filming lasted around two months from December 29, 2013 to March 1, 2014.

Girls Ivy Chen Yihan Ivy Chen Yihan as Xi Wen
Girls Fiona Sit Fiona Sit as Kimmy
Girls Yang Zishan Yang Zishan as Xiao Mei
Girls Shawn Yue Shawn Yue as Qiao Li
Girls Wallace Chung Wallace Chung as Lin Jie
Girls Vanness Wu Vanness Wu as Jiu Tian

Girls China Movie
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Girls China Movie
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