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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Master Returns

Master Returns China Movie
Movie: Master Returns
Chinese Title: 大导归来 / Da Dao Gui Lai
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Li Chengru
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around a Director and his comedic encounters in the messy state of showbiz.

The head honchos of three large entertainment companies have convened inside a small, nondescript workshop because the owner is none other than Tian Xing Jian (Li Cheng Ru), a retired Director who now owns highly-coveted IP rights. In dealing with the three powerful media moguls, Tian Xing Jian begins to understand the pressures between creativity and money.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began July 28, 2016.
  • Filming took place in Beijing, China.
  • Lin Cheng Ru directs and stars in the film.

Master Returns Li Chengru Li Chengru as Tian Xingjian
Master Returns Wang Ji Wang Ji as Yue Xiaokang
Master Returns Zhang Tong Zhang Tong as Tang Sili
Master Returns Wu Yang Wu Yang as Zhao Tongtong
Master Returns Jeffrey Ji Chen Jeffrey Ji Chen as Gao Jie
Master Returns Yu Jinyuan Yu Jinyuan as Dong Shichang
Master Returns Peter Yang Zihua Peter Yang Zihua as Li Gang
Master Returns Wang Zijin Wang Zijin
Master Returns Wang Rui Wang Rui as Niu Zi

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