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Thursday 25 January 2018

Colourful Bone

Colourful Bone China Web Drama
Web Drama: Colourful Bone
Chinese Title: 艳骨 / Yan Gu
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: December 27, 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 53
Director: Jiang Jiajun
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel Beautiful Bones by Meng Yan Dian Xia
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Changing one's face is full of uncertainties. It is difficult to determine whether such a technique is good or bad and whether it will bring good fortune or ill-will to those that use it.

The Kingdom of Chu has always been under the rule of those bearing the last name Chu, but the imperial family falls to ruin as Feng Ru Ge takes control. In the last fifteen years, the Crown Prince has been biding his time to take back what was lost. Feng Ru Ge's goddaughter Jing Shu has mastered the skill of painting skin from a very young age. She used a face in exchange for a life from the hands of Zhao Ru Shi (Sun Ge Lu). Who would have thought that the person Jing Shu has gained is Lue Ying (Tong Meng Shi), a formidable death soldier that is known throughout Jianghu. His only reason for living is to kill the Crown Prince who is to be Jing Shu's future husband, thus beginning a heart-wrenching story of love and hate.

Ending Spoilers

Colourful Bone Rain Wang Herun Rain Wang Herun as Jing Shu
Colourful Bone Thomas Tong Mengshi Thomas Tong Mengshi as Lue Ying
Colourful Bone Ryan Liu Chao Ryan Liu Chao as Feng Ruge
Colourful Bone Sun Gelu Sun Gelu as Zhao Rushi
Colourful Bone Liu Yuxin Liu Yuxin as Jia Hui Huang Hou
Colourful Bone Ever Zu Huai Ever Zu Huai as Cheng Nian Han Guang
Colourful Bone Gu Wenze Gu Wenze as Shao Nian Han Guang
Colourful Bone Jiang Bing Jiang Bing as Kuan Shu
Colourful Bone Chen Shangze Chen Shangze as Xie Shuxian
Colourful Bone A-Moon Meng En A-Moon Meng En as Chu Zifu
Colourful Bone Kris Sun Zujun Kris Sun Zujun as Yun Xie Zhi Neng
Colourful Bone Rong Zixi Rong Zixi as Mo Chou

  • Che Gu Shang (彻骨伤) by Yue Jing Si (岳靖川)
  • Rong Wo (容我) by Zhao Zi Hua (赵紫骅)
  • Zhu Jin Ni De Meng (住进你的梦) by Pin Guan & Guo Mei Mei (品冠&郭美美)
  • Feng Ru Ge (风如歌) by Ryan Liu Chao (刘潮)
  • Jue Zhan Zhi Ye (决战之夜) by Zero G (Zero G)
  • Hua Cuo (花错) by Chen Ming Xi (陈明憙)
  • Mo Shang Hua Kai (陌上花开) by Zhao Zi Hua (赵紫骅)

Colourful Bone China Web Drama
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Colourful Bone China Web Drama

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  1. this drama is truly really good from the production to the theme songs to the actors, its a shame it's only a web drama. i love the main chara so much and wish i can find more dramas with characters like him (kind of reminds me of feiliu from nirvana in fire 1). i really like the romance in this

  2. A very good drama.worth your time to watch.