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Saturday 6 January 2018

Weapon & Soul Season 2

Weapon & Soul Season 2 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Weapon & Soul Season 2
Chinese Title: 器灵第二季 / Qi Ling Di Er Ji
Broadcast Website: Sohu
Broadcast Date: December 22, 2017
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 17
Director: Guo Huizhong
Origin: China
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Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is about Mo Ming losing his family as he tries to oppose the nine highest government officials that go by the name JiuQing. In order to awaken his mother, brother and to restore the two magical weapons, Mo Ming embarks on a deadly journey.

To save his magical weapon, the young soul master Mo Ming (Peng Yuchang), barges into the territory of the JiuQing to retrieve a serum. This, however, brings upon many dangers. First, the serum has many side-effects and afterwards, he becomes enemies with a childhood friend controlled by the JiuQing just as his bedridden mother also becomes a pawn of the organization. The continuous blows and impact of these events make it hard for Mo Ming to handle and as he tries to save his mother, his emotions come out of control and the darkness consumes him, causing a lot of innocent citizens to be hurt. Luckily, his friends come in time to help him in the fight against evil.

Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Sohu and Yiqi Yule.

Weapon & Soul Season 2 Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang as Mo Ming
Weapon & Soul Season 2 Sun Xuening Sun Xuening as Yan Qiang Chong Li
Weapon & Soul Season 2 Liu Qi Liu Qi as Xia Wang Dong
Weapon & Soul Season 2 Li Nuo Li Nuo as Ning Yu

Supporting Cast
Weapon & Soul Season 2 China Web Drama
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Weapon & Soul Season 2 China Web Drama
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Weapon & Soul Season 2 China Web Drama
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