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Friday 15 December 2017

Monster Hunt 2

Monster Hunt 2 China Movie
Movie: Monster Hunt 2
Chinese Title: 捉妖记2 / Zhuo Yao Ji 2
Release Date: February 16, 2018
Language: Mandarin
Director: Raman Hui
Origin: China
Related: Monster Hunt
Source: Loosely inspired by the Classic of Mountains and Seas

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The sequel follows a wacky, hearty and fun-filled story as Song Tian Yin and Huo Xiao Lan embark on a search for Hu Ba.

After being separated from Hu Ba, Song Tian Yin (Jing Boran) takes along Huo Xiao Lan (Bai Bai He) on the road to finding his father. With the help of Big Brother Yun (Tony Yang), the two learn about Song Dai Tian's (Guo Xiaodong) history of protecting monsters. Hu Ba who has returned to Yongning Village is being chased once again by the Demon King. He encounters obsessive gambler Tu Si Gu (Tony Leung) and another demon and the three find companionship in each other. However, Tu Si Gu's piling debt and the bounty on Hu Ba's head become a constant source of trouble. While Tian Yin and Xiao Lan are desperate to be reunited with Hu Ba, a danger conspiracy also brews.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted around four months beginning October 15, 2015 and ending February 13, 2015.
  • After 14 years, film legend Tony Leung returns to the historical comedy genre, which increases already heightened expectations for the sequel to the blockbuster movie Monster Hunt which broke multiple records when it hit theaters in 2015.
  • Jing Boran and Tony Yo-ning Yang did their own stunts and wirework.

Monster Hunt 2 Tony Leung Tony Leung as Tu Sigu
Monster Hunt 2 Bai Baihe Bai Baihe as Huo Xiaolan
Monster Hunt 2 Jing Boran Jing Boran as Song Tianyin
Monster Hunt 2 Chris Lee Chris Lee as Zhu Jinzhen
Monster Hunt 2 Tony Yang Youning Tony Yang Youning as Big Brother Yun Qing
Monster Hunt 2 Dong Chengpeng Dong Chengpeng as Head of Bu Yao Ting (Demon Catcher)
Monster Hunt 2 Sandra Ng Sandra Ng as Pang Ying
Monster Hunt 2 Eric Tsang Eric Tsang as Zhu Gao
Monster Hunt 2 Huang Lei Huang Lei as Doctor
Monster Hunt 2 Ada Liu Yan Ada Liu Yan as Martial Arts Beauty
Monster Hunt 2 MoMo Wu Mochou MoMo Wu Mochou as Xiao Baozi

Supporting Cast
Monster Hunt 2 China Movie
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Monster Hunt 2 China Movie
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Behind The Scenes
Monster Hunt 2 China Movie
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