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Sunday 10 December 2017

My Goddess, My Mother

My Goddess, My Mother China Drama
Drama: My Goddess, My Mother
Chinese Title: 我的女神我的妈 / Wo De Nu Shen Wo De Ma
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Idol, Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Liu Guotong
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

An international romance between a Chinese husband and his Korean wife as they overcome cultural barriers and the hurdles of dealing with the older generation to find happiness.

Kang Kim Bo (Lee Da Hae) is an individualistic woman who chases after her own dreams. In order to avoid her boyfriend who's been trying to force a marriage on her, she moves to China for work. She encounters Human Resources manager Wu Zhong Zhi (Qi Dao) whom she met in Korea before when they got off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding. The two eventually work it out and more as they fall into a romance and get married.

Kang Kim Bo starts a new chapter of her life as a daughter-in-law of a Chinese family, but finds that adjustment is not so easy due to differences in Chinese and Korean culture that often leads to major clashes between her and her mother-in-law Xu Man Li (Jin Xing). The two women battling it out in the household makes for many crazy moments for the family that they must learn to get past if they are to live with each other.

Fun Facts

  • It started filming May 2016 in Shanghai.
  • It is part of the dramas that were affected by the Hallyu Ban, an unofficial ban that was in effect in China to restrict all forms of Hallyu aka Korean Wave due to the political disagreement between China and Korea over THAAD. On October 31, 2017, there were reports that both sides were making a move to mend diplomatic ties and news that the virtual ban has been lifted came days later. (Source: Sohu)
  • Korean actress Lee Da Hae and Hwang Yina who is a former member of the k-pop group RaNia play best friends in the drama.
  • Lee Da Hae did the dubbing for her own lines in Chinese.

My Goddess, My Mother Jin Xing Jin Xing as Xu Manli
My Goddess, My Mother Lee Da Hae Lee Da Hae as Jiang Jinbo
My Goddess, My Mother Qi Dao Qi Dao as Wu Zhongzhi
My Goddess, My Mother Ni Dahong Ni Dahong as Wu Yanpu
My Goddess, My Mother Zhang Xilin Zhang Xilin as Huang Liming
My Goddess, My Mother Liu Xiaoxiao Liu Xiaoxiao as Wu Yijie
My Goddess, My Mother Hwang Yina Hwang Yina as Pu Zaixi
My Goddess, My Mother Vicki Dong Weijia Vicki Dong Weijia as An Ran
My Goddess, My Mother Jung Gyu-woon Jung Gyu-woon as Zheng Kangxu
My Goddess, My Mother Jia Jinghui Jia Jinghui as Mao Yaping

My Goddess, My Mother China Drama
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