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Sunday 10 December 2017

The Girls' Lies

The Girls' Lies / The Lover's Lie China Web Drama
Web Drama: The Girls' Lies / The Lover's Lie
Chinese Title: 恋人的谎言 / Lian Ren De Huang Yan
Broadcast Website: Sohu
Broadcast Date: May 20, 2023
Air Time: Thu-Sun 20:00
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Wu Jianxin
Origin: China
Related: The Wife's Lies, The Lover's Lies

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a lie that follows two close friends through the workplace where they encounter their past and open doors to a new love.

Shu Fei (Jia Qing) and Lin Fei (Zhao Yuan Yuan) are as close as sisters. During their college days, their senior Qi Ran (George Hu) becomes interested in Lin Fei, yet she doesn't have mutual feelings for him. Shu Fei who has a crush on Qi Ran has always been concerned with his wellbeing. Since she didn't want him to be sad, she uses Lin Fei's name to correspond with Qi Ran through letters.

After graduation, Shu Fei and Lin Fei both find job at the same television shopping network. Shu Fei gets on the wrong foot with Director Lan Tian (Jung Il Woo) whom she mistakenly thought to be a pervert. She also discovers that Qi Ran is their boss which puts her in an awkward position to witness Qi Ran giving all of his attention to Lin Fei. Shu Fei decides to focus on work instead and becomes closer with Lan Tian over time. Lin Fei has also devoted herself to work and she will do everything to succeed especially after she finds out that she can exploit the lie that Shu Fei told to her own advantage.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • Given that the show managed to air in 2023 despite having a K-actor, many assumed that the '"Hallyu Ban" is really over and that many more C-dramas starring Korean actors can finally air.
  • It is produced by Huace Film & TV.
  • It is the third in the liar series of dramas following The Wife's Lies and The Lover's Lies which all starred Jia Qing as the leading lady.
  • Filming took place in Suzhou and Shanghai.
  • Filming lasted around three months beginning July 16, 2016 and ending October 8, 2016.
  • It stars Korean actor Jung Il Woo which is why the drama hasn't been able to air.
  • It is part of the dramas that were affected by the Hallyu Ban, an unofficial ban that was in effect in China to restrict all forms of Hallyu aka Korean Wave due to the political disagreement between China and Korea over THAAD. On October 31, 2017, there were reports that both sides were making a move to mend diplomatic ties and news that the virtual ban has been lifted came days later. (Source: Sohu)

The Girls' Lies Jia Qing Jia Qing as Shu Fei
The Girls' Lies Jung Il-woo Jung Il-woo as Lan Tian
The Girls' Lies Zhao Yuanyuan Zhao Yuanyuan as Lin Fei
The Girls' Lies George Hu George Hu as Yu Qiran
The Girls' Lies Kira Shi Shi Kira Shi Shi as Yin Yuan
The Girls' Lies Yoki Yang Qing Yoki Yang Qing as Ma Qianqian
The Girls' Lies Sula Wenya Sula Wenya as Guo Manman

Supporting Cast
The Girls' Lies / The Lover's Lie China Web Drama
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