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Sunday 10 December 2017

Billion Dollar Inheritors

Billion Dollar Inheritors China Drama
Drama: Billion Dollar Inheritors
Chinese Title: 亿万继承人 / Yi Wan Ji Cheng Ren
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Idol, Modern, Romance, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Oh Sang Won, Feng Haitao
Production Date: 2014
Producer: Li Shaohong
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A grandfather leaves behind a will for two of his grandsons to compete in a quest to become the billion dollar inheritor. They go from being rivals to real brothers and find love along the way.

Yue Xiwang (Choi Siwon) and his mother live in a village by the sea. Although they make a simple living, they are rich in happiness. Yue Xiwang is an honest man who is kind and helpful to otheres. One day, a mysterious old man arrives and reveals a shocking secret regarding his identity. Yue Xiwang learns that he is the long-lost grandson of the chairman of a fashion conglomerate. After being missing for 22 years, Yue Xiwang sees his grandfather for the first time before he passed away and it marks the beginning of a major change in his life. In the will that his grandfather left behind, Yue Xiwang and his half-brother Fan Yuxuan (Yu Xiaotong) must compete against each other to earn their place as the successor of the company.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Guangxi and Beijing.
  • It is part of the dramas that were affected by the Hallyu Ban, an unofficial ban that was in effect in China to restrict all forms of Hallyu aka Korean Wave due to the political disagreement between China and Korea over THAAD. On October 31, 2017, there were reports that both sides were making a move to mend diplomatic ties and news that the virtual ban has been lifted came days later. (Source: Sohu)

Billion Dollar Inheritors Choi Siwon Choi Siwon as Yang Xiwang
Billion Dollar Inheritors Adi Kan Qingzi Adi Kan Qingzi as He Xingran
Billion Dollar Inheritors Yu Xiaotong Yu Xiaotong as Fan Yuxuan

Supporting Cast
Billion Dollar Inheritors China Drama
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