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Thursday 9 November 2017

Mr. Zhu's Summer

Mr. Zhu's Summer China Movie
Movie: Mr. Zhu's Summer
Chinese Title: 猪太郎的夏天 / Zhu Tai Lang De Xia Tian
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Song Haolin
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mr. Zhu is an elementary school teacher. Humble and always trying to earn respect, he really cares about his students but fails to be appreciated by them. His colleagues don’t like how he inspires his students either. King Kong and Grasshopper are the two troublemakers in Zhu’s class and always challenge Zhu. Humiliations and frustrations lead Mr. Zhu to resign. The two naughty kids then decide to win him back no matter what it takes...

Mr. Zhu's Summer Li Haoze Li Haoze as Zha Meng
Mr. Zhu's Summer Wang Jixian Wang Jixian as Jin Gang
Mr. Zhu's Summer Liu Xuetao Liu Xuetao as Cheng Ge
Mr. Zhu's Summer Xu Wei Xu Wei as Yan Yan
Mr. Zhu's Summer Sun Bo Sun Bo as Zhu Tailang

  • Dai Ni Yi Qi Diu Shou Juan (带你一起丢手绢) by Huang Bo (黄渤)

Mr. Zhu's Summer China Movie
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Mr. Zhu's Summer China Movie
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